A very HOT sexy guy, who seems to unattainable. He's mysterious, funny, smart, kind and the best friend anybody could have. He takes care of the people he loves and is open for discussion on anything brought to his attention. He's independent, goofy, can fix just about anything and literally makes the world more beautiful everywhere he goes. He can be shy with new people, even anti-social until he's comfortable and although people think he can be cold-hearted he actually is ALL heart, you just have to get him first.

Life II

So I dropped part 1, of my blog “Life” and it received some great feedback with so many people agreeing with what I said. I know some were intrigued to find out what I was about to expose and here it is!



“If you end up with a boring or miserable life because you listened to your mum, dad, your teacher, priest/pastor or someone on television telling you how to do your shit, then you deserve it”


Friends with an ex?

Hello, all! First thing first! I can’t believe how many people didn’t read my last blog to the end! It was actually quite disturbing and I am disappointed but hopefully, it’s a lesson learned that you have to take things in fully before jumping to conclusions!