Did you notice …?

Thanks to Dot Rotten for giving me the inspiration to write this blog! Let me address some things that are needed to be said!


Just some quickfire points. Start off each point with “Did you notice” and you might clock what I am doing!

So did you notice …

– if you want to know your true friends start a business or brand and see who helps.
– people want free wristbands but do you see them promoting it on their social media or even spread the word?
– music is my escape to all the bullshit in life

– you will be too much for certain people, those people aren’t your people.
– people going through shit are the most positive people in life.
– I am no longer on bad terms with anyone, I just wish you all the best with your life.

– women generally make two bad choices. Where to eat and men.

– side chicks are more faithful than the people in relationships

– that guy you curved would’ve treated you like a queen and never cheated. But you wanted a guy with 2 kids that has ‘gang gang’ tattooed on his arm

– women with kids wanna talk about marriage by the 3rd date

– women call each other “sis” cause they call the same dude “Daddy”
– women go ghost when they get new D but as soon as that flops (no pun intended), they’ll be messaging your phone again.
– you can tell a woman she is beautiful but the only time she’ll listen is when it’s said by the man she loves.

– relationships require balance and there are a lot of women who ruin their own relationships with their stalkerish possessive behaviour.
– women automatically assume that their ex-downgraded when he gets with someone else.
– you can speak to a woman 54 days in a row but if you don’t make it 55. You are considered inconsistent and suspect.
– nothing screams “I got a man on my mind” like her responding with “Maybe,  I’ll see”
– if you didn’t give your number to everybody, there wouldn’t be any ‘random guys’ on your phone.

– you claim to be a positive person but uploads pics of yourself every day fishing for likes.
– your hair can’t reach your shoulders without weave but you want a man with a beard.
– after all the above that most women are trash?
Also, did you notice …..?
– I blog for myself but the fact that one person might like it means more than you could imagine
– stereotypes come from truth and reality
– to be yourself everyone else is taken.

– you don’t meet people by accident and stuff doesn’t happy by coincidence.
– “No religion is greater than the TRUTH. No faith is great than FACT” – Malcolm X
– my mindset is different. I’m cutting out negativity. Surrounding myself with positive people to push me to grow. I’m focused on my goals and I don’t expect people to understand what I’m doing. They’ll eventually see.
– if you have to constantly tell yourself how happy single you are, are you really happy?
– never chase someone that doesn’t want to be caught
– happiness starts with you. Not with your job, not with your money, not with your circumstances but with you.
– not all men are the same. There are actually some real decent men out there that know and understand the worth of a good woman
– if God is making you wait, be prepared to receive more than you asked for!
Finally, did you notice?
– you were given this life because you are strong enough to live it.
– I love being black.
– dark times have taught me a lot. That’s why you can’t regret what you went through, but rather be thankful for all the lessons it taught me.
– real people ain’t perfect and perfect people aren’t real.
– never regret being a good person to the wrong fool, their loss.
– be happy, it drives people crazy.

– relationship goals are dead!

How did this one go?
– there’s a lot of men being called ‘deadbeat dads’ over children that are not even theirs!
– I just want to impact the world in a positive way while simultaneously shitting on people who thought this was a game!
– your MCM is under Pornhub videos commenting “upload more of her please”






Triggered by any of the points?

Did you notice, that I notice everything?

Part 2 anyone?

Over and out



  1. Ife

    A great read lool some parts made me laugh. I learnt a few things but didn’t agree with the stereotypes being a reality . I loved this line
    ‘ you will be too much for certain people, those people aren’t your people’.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jason-RT

      Thank you for reading!! It was meant to be a light-hearted post with some element of truth! Some lines I was bantering. lol. I know certain people wouldn’t agree with that line. lol.


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