Real talk (Did you notice II)

Same as last time, start each point with -“Did you notice?”

  • 20170830_191555
  • If your MCM doesn’t have size 10 feet or above, he’s your WCW
  • She just wants to spoil you until her man comes home from jail.
  • If you have a Yoruba boyfriend call him more on Saturday’s cos he might be getting married somewhere.
  • Rubbing your empty ass debit card relentlessly on your thighs will not put money on it.
  • Women think having 2 boyfriends and 2 sugar daddies are still being faithful. TRASH
  • Today’s women just want consistency and faithfulness from ALL of the above.
  • Your new girl says “I am totally over my ex” But still be frying fish and playing Dominoes at his uncle’s every Sunday
  • Your girlfriend shouldn’t have a male personal trainer. The guy is whispering “Don’t stop keep going” inside her ear while filming her ass for ‘work purposes’
  • There’s a lot of men being deadbeat dads over children that are not even theirs.
  •  Death is the number killer in the world.
  • Life is sexually transmitted.
  • 20170830_210006
  • Good health is merely the slowest possible rate which one can die.
  • All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.
  • Don’t worry about old age, it doesn’t take long.
  • If Muslims are banned from America then who are they gonna blame terrorist attacks on? Stay woke.
  • study her page and bring up things you know she likes then act surprised that y’all have so much ‘in common’ … Lifehack
  • Keep it real because real shit is gonna last.
  • Beyonce made you leave your man, while she was getting pregnant by hers.
  • Your WCW is saying, ‘good night’ to you while she’s getting her back blown by the love of her life.
  • You texted her “WYD” 99 times this summer but didn’t offer her plans to link up with you once. Delete her number!
  • 20170830_213531
    Know your worth, fellas!
  • You’re wide awake overthinking about him while listening to 90’s R&B. He’s across town snoring with another chick’s doo-doo residue on his penis, go to sleep.
  • Your man can’t treat you like a queen if you’re busy trying to be the King.
  • Bottom line, a man must take care of his woman and a woman must take care of her man. No one is before the other. It’s about teamwork.
  • Your MCM is still waiting for a text back from his WCW. You got work in the morning, stop thinking about him at night.
  • Find someone who makes you feel like your phone was at 3% and you just found a plug.
  • Mixed signals are annoying, do you want me or not?
  • She’s ignoring your texts for a guy who won’t even read hers.

  • If she overly loves food, don’t trust her, she’ll go out to eat with any guy!
  • Ladies, if your primary objective is to be sexy, then you will attract men whose primary objective to have sex? Cover your chest up beloved.
  • 20170830_205705
    Leo gang!

    If I am feeling you, I promise nobody else is getting the same attention as you.

  • Materialistic shit doesn’t mean shit to me. I just wanna help the world, I hate seeing people mess up, God knows I do.
  • The more I educated myself, the smaller my circle becomes.
  • Let them think you’re broke even though you’re really not, so they won’t ask you for shit.
  • Get off your ex’s IG and snap today, move on.
  • I believe in God, not because my parents told me to. Not because a church told me to but because I’ve experienced how great He is.
  • God, if someone comes into my life that’s not meant for me, why did I catch feelings?
  • Screenshot_20170816-201938
  • You can’t complain about a girl that is too easy then complain about chasing a girl who ain’t sleeping with you straight away
  • This good guy-bad guy thing is all fun and games until you’re stuck with your kids broke and lonely because your guy is in prison sitting a bird. Choose your partner wisely. Nothing wrong with not wanting a soft guy but don’t go for fools who are still 20+ and still act like they have something to prove.
  • A real man has nothing to hide. He will tell you the truth about whatever you want to know. Because he knows that if he’s 100% honest with you, you will trust him no matter what. That’s the signs of a man that wants to grow with you.
  • I am a private person, I’ve mastered the art of making people think they know a lot about me.
  • 20170830_192218
  • I hate the glorification of being busy. Not having time to reflect, breathe, and/or enjoy things is really just irresponsible.
  • I’m not a child. You don’t have to tell me lies to keep me happy. We’re grown! Tell me, what it is, what it ain’t, and what’s it will be.
  • Loyalty means I am down with you, whether you’re wrong or right, but I will tell you when you’re wrong and help you get it right. Now ask yourself, have I been loyal to you?
  • Fellas, “I want a bf” season is fast approaching. She’s just bored. Y’all won’t last. She’ll steal your hoodies. Focus on yourself.

  • I have never been the type of guy to beg any woman. Because I know how they think. They love the attention so keep playing hard to get to keep getting more and more of it. Not me. I don’t care how pretty the woman is. They’re not worth my time, if she wants to act like she is too good for me and makes me have to beg her  F all that bullshit, I’ll drop her way before she even gets the chance to think about dropping me first.
  • 20170830_213922
  • We’re all born ignorant but one must work hard to remain stupid. – Benjamin Franklin
  • The reason so many of us struggle with trusting others is that we struggle with trusting ourselves.
  • If you have to constantly tell yourself how happy you are, are you really happy?
  • If God is making you wait to be prepared to receive more than you asked for? But don’t block your blessings!
  • Working on yourself is not selfish.
  • nobody should ever have enough power over your life to where they can make your whole mood change.

  • I barely find anybody attractive, I barely feel affection for anybody. But when I do, I fall in so deep, so hard, it’s ridiculous.
  • Caribbean Women >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  • if your absence doesn’t affect them, your presence never mattered.

  • I can’t be around people who don’t take accountability for their actions. You want to be wrong and then have the cheek to deflect it on me? Lol. I wonder if they know they’re wrong and just won’t admit it or do they truly believe the behaviour is acceptable?
  • I hate that cheating seems to be a viable option for some folks in monogamous relationships.
  • You can put a broken mirror back together but you’ll always see the cracks. Get a new one and relate to the comment above
  • 20170830_205418
  • If they have a partner, leave them alone, that’s just a standard of how not to be a little tramp guideline.
  • Always pay attention. You don’t meet people by accident and stuff doesn’t happen by coincidence.
  • The older I get, the more attractive stability becomes, I just want some damn peace of mind and a non-stressful environment.
  • If the world was blind, how many people would you impress?
  • The more you know, the more you realize you don’t know.
  • I like being alone but I have someone to be alone with.
  • My DM’s are clean and I can @ my girl live on the TL, I dunno if your man can do the same tbh
  • If I post something you don’t like, just ignore it like you ignore corruption in the government.
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The final part, en route!

Soon come!





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