A very HOT sexy guy, who seems to unattainable. He's mysterious, funny, smart, kind and the best friend anybody could have. He takes care of the people he loves and is open for discussion on anything brought to his attention. He's independent, goofy, can fix just about anything and literally makes the world more beautiful everywhere he goes. He can be shy with new people, even anti-social until he's comfortable and although people think he can be cold-hearted he actually is ALL heart, you just have to get him first.

Find peace

“I am going to tell you straight like this, it doesn’t matter what kind of person you are. Rich or poor. Everyone needs peace in their life. If you wake up and you don’t have peace then you’re pissed”


It is what it is

It seems that we often use the phrase, “It is what it is”. My definition of the phrase to mean, “It’s not this and it’s not that; it’s something more subtle that I don’t have a name for, and I’m ok with that”.