I Miss You

I’m hoping to get your insight into something that I’ve been struggling with for months. 

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Following a separation it is common to reminisce the good times spent together or to think about what could have been! It is also easy to start to regret words you may have said or something that you may have done and wish you could take back even though it might have been them who didn’t do what you expected. It’s common for people to go from thinking I miss this person to then realising I need to do everything possible to get back together because they may have been the one. We have a tendency to take what we have for granted or not to value who we were with.


Being in a long term relationship is a marathon, not a sprint but most people have the tendency to put less effort into their relationship after a while. The feeling of loss that you are going through right now is something that many people have to endure. A breakup is often more than just a big disappointment, it is the cold hard realisation that everything that you had envisioned and hoped for has disappeared with a click of finger.


Relationships aren’t hard because your partner is mean and makes you feel bad all the time or even half the time. People change, situations change, misunderstandings occur, etc. You can’t just drop it when the going gets rough, what is the point of commitment then? However, abuse and being incompatible is different. Relationships are hard work because you have to have good communication skills, understand your partners boundaries with compassion, and express yours with openness.

They may love you but your mental, emotional & physical health are more important than the love they claim to have for you! Every relationship must go through tests, trials, challenges and this pandemic has shown things even more with the amount of testing times a lot of people have gone through. Unfortunately most people come into relationships thinking it’s all about money and flowers. One argument, mistake or question and a person wants to leave the relationship. However, relationships are not supposed to be hard like y’all say they are. If your relationship is consistently going through hell and high water, it’s probably time to let it go. You should not be crying over someone on a regular basis.


The best way to quickly bounce back from a breakup is to force yourself to be as active as possible. You literally have to force yourself to get out of bed and to leave your house (hard in a pandemic) in order to fulfil goals that you will set for yourself the day or the week before. When you are striving to accomplish something bigger for yourself, it becomes a lot easier to set smaller goals that can help motivate you to get up in the morning or to push yourself to go the extra mile.

But rest assured this feeling of deep sadness is temporary. If you do the right things and evolve in the right ways you will stop missing them and also get back together after having proven to that special someone that you can make them happy in the long run! I know how overwhelming the feeling of loss can be, but I also know that it is totally possible to snap out of this mental state. You can quickly bounce back and this loss is not everlasting because it is possible to win back the heart of the one you love!


I still remember all the good times we had, all the laughs we had. The places we’ve been to, Dubai, Rome, Malta and Nice/Monaco. The album of the pictures we shared, all still on my phone and just a few places I’ll never forget. I miss hearing you break into your native language when you don’t understand what I am saying sometimes. I miss getting home late and seeing the happiness in your face as I walk through the door.


Your mindset is therefore often the key between being able to quickly bounce back and positioning yourself to get back with the one you love. Your mind is a powerful thing! If you let your negative emotions overwhelm you and impact your state of mind, you can easily become so defeated that you won’t even let yourself have a chance to turn things around. Based on my experience, the great majority of those who succeed in getting back with their previous partner are those who are the most determined, who simply won’t take no for an answer and ultimately don’t let the breakup break them. Speak to yourself positively throughout your day. Start by actively choosing to take action and force yourself to only speak of yourself in an empowering way. Your positive thoughts and words will soon become a reality! Trust me! It is an amazing way to regain self-confidence and quickly prove to themselves that they can still be attractive and regain some perspective. That’s why I encourage a lot of people to stay as busy as possible. If you have a passion or something that you truly enjoy doing, I urge you to engage in it as much as possible. It will help you cope, regain some self confidence and make time pass quicker. It is extremely important for you to have long term projects and micro goals to stay on track before the time is right.


However, there’s really only so much a person can take especially the year I have had behind the scenes with the loss of family member aswell as job opportunities. I don’t want to get ill, physically or mentally due to a virus. I broke up with literally the love of my life last year. Nevertheless, I’m finally accepting that I can love someone, but not be good for each other (at the moment) and that’s okay too. I am not ruling out us getting back together, we’re close to one another, we’re bound to see each other soon. Bisou :-*

Until we meet again!

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Darkside Don

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