I am sleeping with a married woman (Guest post)

This woman had been chasing me for over a year. I didn’t want to go there. She was good-looking and she had a phat back but she was a married woman.

The reality is, married women are often super flirty with other men. I don’t know if they mean it. But does that mean a married woman who flirts with you will take the next step and sleep with you? Well, it depends. But in my case, she did.


Everytime, I used to see her at events, she was always with her husband nevertheless, she started following me on social media through a mutual friend. Small talk turned to sex talk in a matter of weeks. I didn’t realise on the eye that she was in a broken marriage and for the fact that she’s been cheated on several times. She stayed like a dickhead but I wasn’t there to be asking such questions. The dilemma she used to say was, “If you don’t want to do this then tell me to stop and I will”. Which made me think, she was going to cheat regardless, it just happened to be with me. Who’s saying no to undeclared sex, you lot don’t understand how phat her back was.


Married chicks need to know that you’re the guy they can f**k and you won’t ruin it for them. I for one, wasn’t looking for a relationship with her (who wants to be with someone that cheats) so I had planned to run with the affair until it fizzled out. Nevertheless, little did she know, I was actually with someone myself. 2 years deep, with even talk of marriage and kids in the very near future. We’ve had our ups and downs, the downs were doooooowwwn and I wasn’t fully happy with my relationship. Some would say, I should have just lock it off but I didn’t know how. There’s a lot of love there but not the kind I expected, maybe its my false take on what love actually is.


It’s bad messing with a committed woman. But who cares! I ain’t the one married, right? She’s going to keep quiet about the affair and I definitely would. So what is there to really lose? From my phrasing it sounds very much like I am trying to justify having an affair. I am not! I know, it’s wrong. Trust me. I had been cheated on myself with a previous relationship, it’s a horrible feeling and one I had vowed to never do, so I know better. But my missus always acted like no woman would be interested in me. Feeling desirable and wanted was what this married woman had shown me.


However, years ago, she made this vow to her husband. For better or worse which basically means that under no circumstances should you break your vow, even if the other person did or does. They are each responsible for their own actions . Just as you are responsible for yours. I would say it’s disrespectful if you are pursuing someone or encouraging her to cheat. However, she did all the work, I just brought my dick to the table.


I am trying to protect my heart though. The fact that I am exposing this leads me to think I do care about her as a person. She probably needs emotional support, like a substitute husband. I probably need emotional support like a substitute girlfriend. Easier said than done is the story of my life. We all have excuses as to why we stay or why we go. We always try to justify our actions. Right and wrong are sometimes hard to differentiate when emotions are involved. 


However, she dropped the bombshell that’s she’s pregnant and my whole world fell apart. She apparently wasn’t sleeping with her husband but now she’s confident it’s his! I am so confused! I don’t know what to do. I don’t want a baby with her! This is all meant to be some fun.

Guess we will find out in a few months!


But thank you for reading my story and thanks to the DSD for allowing me to speak about this on his platform. 

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