“Act like a man”




I’ll act like a man when you women, stay at home, cook, clean, lay on your backs, and make babies!!!!!!!

Okay, that got your attention

Obviously, I don’t think that but if I did say that, I know for a fact 101% of you women would have something to say, so I am here to talk about the number of women who always say to men to “Act like a man”


This comment annoys me so much and I don’t expect to be hearing this from women, the same way you were probably quick to read this blog and cuss me out. So why do these penis-less people think they can talk to me about being a man?




I don’t know what it’s like to “act like a woman”. I’ve asked a number of people, why do they say it and no one can give me an answer, other than “What I think a man should do”. But you don’t know what a man should do because you’re not a man. We both have our struggles of being certain sex so why you have your say on what the other ‘SHOULD’ do.


Men and women think very differently on a number of topics. Men see how bad women struggle with identifying real guys. So it doesn’t make any sense for men to be concerned with what women ‘think’ a man has to do to get their stamp of approval on being a man. Men are always going to think and behave in ways that fit their value system and reflect the way that they view the world. Women judging male behaviour on their thinking, feeling and making decisions is by far the biggest problem that men have with women.

Just because a man thinks differently to you! Doesn’t make him wrong, it makes him a man! You’re not a man!


I talk all the time about how problematic it is for women to treat their feelings and assumptions like they’re 100% accurate without having facts or evidence to support them. A large percentage of women focus solely on how things should be instead of how they really are. We all know women who call the explanations I give on how men think and a lot of them don’t even read the male perspective at all before dismissing.


It’s not common for a man to be crying or having an emotional breakdown over something that is not in his control like women and children do. He will deal with it in his own way. I don’t know what women’s expectations are for men but I am willing to bet it’s based on how they respond to it. Real men aren’t like that. Yes, we will be hurt and sad,  but crying and depressed won’t change anything.  But I’d gather this is the kind of thinking that leads women to do stuff to get a reaction out of a man (saying and doing things to intentionally hurt or disrespect him, fucking another dude to make him jealous etc) and is usually a huge mistake. Regardless of how hurt a man’s feelings are being an emotional wreck won’t help the situation at all so why do it. It’s hard for us to understand why women act that.


From a male perspective, children are the only ones that aren’t expected to have control over their emotions. Every adult has the right to behave how they want to. They can date who they want, spend their money how they want. However, you can’t behave a certain way and try to dodge the label that describes the behaviour. You can’t commit several crimes and then be mad at being labelled a criminal. Or sleeping with a lot of people and not be labelled



I bet for the mandem reading this ‘being a man’ will probably either mean, “being physically tough or providing”. What else is really being played into the idea of what a real man is?

This doesn’t really matter until we start talking about purpose, meaning, fulfillment, mental health, and maybe most importantly, usefulness. That’s, how we can best serve. Too often our lives are about us and not how we can best serve our fellow men. That’s, essentially, why we’re here and why helping others makes us feel so damn good. Giving feels a heck of a lot better than receiving and when you line up who you are and what you love in life along with what you’re good at and couple it with aiding others, you find a calling, a purpose.

Bring this reality into the decisions you make and the things you pursue and you’ll serve a purpose beyond getting rich or laid. That is the essence of what it is to act like a man; it requires lending your strengths to benefit others. Without others, you’re useless. You also can’t whine like a little bitch or expect to get what you haven’t earned.

You have to know who you are and what you are. You’re a man!!!

Say it with your chest and don’t let these trash women, who bring nothing but shit pussy, burnt pasta and constant headaches to the table, tell you otherwise!


To conclude, so if you’ve read my last post, maybe just maybe, you should stay in your lane and stop watching what the other sex is doing and how he should act. Or I’m trying to teach problems that other women have had before. So I’d imagine this post might comes across as negative. I’m not playing the blame game. I just talking from experience, so it’s important to get women to understand why the things they think and say create problems between men and women. It’s probably the reason why all men are trash, right?


Women reading this


Well to be perfectly honest, in my humble, of course with offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view but also by looking in this matter in a different perspective and without condemning of one’s view and by trying to make it objectified and by considering each and everyone’s valid opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say.

Disclaimer: I understand, you can’t burn pasta, it was part of the joke

Yours sincerely,

Darkside Don

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  1. Alize DK

    Another great read!! Believe it or not pasta can be burnt!!!
    I enjoyed this blog because I always need to be put in check when it comes to another perspective. Too often I’m over opinionated, thanks for the enlightenment. In the end we may not agree but that’s okay we can both be right – Alize DK (A penis-less person).


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