Hello hi, hi Hello!

The last blog was my deepest one yet so I needed time away to fully take in what I actually wrote. I was blown away by the response that it received.

From people telling me their personal stories to as basic as the view figures. It has been simply amazing. Now officially my number 1 viewed blog on my site. Check it out here Goodbye.

  • Firstly, thanks to those, who are pressuring me to drop blogs all the time. I love that you’re behind me on this journey and looking forward to my next ones.
  • Secondly, thanks to those who individually promoting my website via videos on my Snapchat! I really do appreciate all the love! If you’re not on Snapchat, you’ll soon see these floating about!
  • Big up to everyone who has reached out to me to discuss my blogs, face-to-face convos, the emails, the texts, voice notes, phone calls etc. I can’t thank you enough!
  • Finally, to those who are getting their family and friends to read my stuff (via their social media), thank you for passing on my work! Literally, since I dropped ‘Goodbye’ my face has been like
“It hit people like this?”, really?

However, this blog is for others! Below isn’t even that deep but more of something that I feel needs to be said, I am sure most can relate.

Lemme spit some bars. You guys ready?

My Snapchat followers would have seen/heard. (If you didn’t just skip) I went off on one recently regarding support I haven’t received from my so-called ‘friends’. I won’t say, I am disappointed / heartbroken or anything as others have taken their place. I am happy because the past month or so, levels have been set. Yes, I started this website with a very controversial blog. I stated 90% of “my people” are religious or ‘spiritual’. So feelings have been caught but to the levels that I

never experred it

“You were being real tbh, and that is what a blog is for… to express yourself” Word to Rose for that comment, a reason why I shouldn’t even care if people are offended. Nevertheless, I didn’t think some would take such offense to what I’ve said. I’d be lying if I wasn’t shaking in talking about religion for my very first post. But hey, it is and still my opinion and clearly stated that at the start.


But these past few weeks/months or so, ‘fake’ friends has been exposed once again.

I said this in February (before my site) on my private Facebook (I don’t use my FB much unless I am promoting my blogs now!)


Groups have got even smaller since then as well. Real friends are hard to find nowadays; I can honestly say, I can count mine on just one hand. Life isn’t like how it was in the 90s, where everyone is your friend. It’s 2016, I don’t have time for fake people. I’ve come to the conclusion; I have people I know but nobody’s favourite (but that’s cool). I should never have to convince someone to spend time with me, fuck that! If I don’t initiate a convo or ask to hang out, I’ll never see or hear from them. The same people are more than happy to pree my social media. That’s why I move so secretive with where I go and what I am doing. Because believe me, there’s someone out there, praying for my downfall.

I said this in my Cheating blog;

After the drama of last year, I took a step back from ALL of my friends ……….. I lost respect for about 90% of them. People who I thought were my peeps really showed their true colours …….. I am not some gossip mag that you can pick up and then fling when something new comes along, you won’t be hearing from me 


I live my life very secretly, I trouble no-one unless you trouble me. I’d consider myself a loner tbh, I don’t need much company. You only know, what I let you see, that’s why 99% don’t know what I have going on unless you see it on my social media. You only know I am this guy, (with the hood) that lives in East London and that’s it.

Friends will come and go in your life but more importantly, a good friend will like you for who you are. The sign of a good friend is by looking at the actions they take –big and small – that show they care.

Fewer friends = less drama, I keep my circle very small. I distance myself from everyone from time to time, I can’t help it. But sometimes alone time is needed.


I am being serious when I say certain people can’t chat with me again. Some of your so-called friends don’t want to see you happy.

Others will say, why don’t you tell them directly? I would! if I had their number. Lol. (I lost everyone’s numbers 6 weeks ago and I’ve done countless call outs for people to message me and to no avail)



Some people take 24 hours to reply back to my texts anyway! So whatever!!! Do I look like a dickhead?

“I saw your message but I was going to reply back later”


What the frig is that? If you got time to read the message, you got time to reply back.

When you see it comes up on your screen

I can’t stand people who do this. Which is why I stopped hollering at certain people. I just can’t be bothered and don’t have time when others are more than happy to hear from me. We’re all big people out here with busy lives. Don’t act like a 30-second text is hurting you or you’re busier than me. I have a full-time job plus other activities as well as putting time into meeting/texting/phoning my peeps. Don’t chat shit, please.

“You’re always on the go doing something, you just seem like a busy man” 

One of my favourite snappers said that to me not too long ago! So if she can see it through a 10-second clip, imagine what I am doing away from it?

If people aren’t prepared to acknowledge me, I will not invest too much into that relationship. I can’t force people to like, value, acknowledge, include, love, or want me. They either do or they don’t.

Apparently, you only need six friends and all to serve a different purpose and together they should meet all your friendship needs. I don’t know who came up with this number may be the producer of that show `’Friends’


But I don’t believe a number is a factor but the quality of these relationships. Some say they’re real but are they? What is real? I know I am. Others are a big fucking question mark. I’ve seen way too many lies, too many times with too many guys (and women). I don’t give a fuck about what people think of me. Because most of them don’t think anyway. What type of prick would I be to think I know it all? You really need friends that can check you and tell you when you’re falling off. No sugar-coating things. I believe I am that guy if people come to me with a problem that needs solving.

In life, you cannot trust people but yourself. It’s all good having a ‘best friend’ or whatever but in reality, you cannot trust anybody 100%. Outrageous statement but


This is why I can do most things by myself and not rely on others. This may sound petty (but I don’t think it is) but I’ve had to let some people go because most don’t actually help with my journey in life. You can join me or stand there from a distance. So don’t be offended but it’s for the best! I don’t eff with anyone dodgy. I am at a point in my life, where I don’t care about losing friendships with certain people. I don’t even speak to some of my family and it doesn’t bother me at all.  It is what it is.

I am not here to chase anyone or beg them for their friendship/loyalty. I didn’t set up this site for anybody but myself, hey I didn’t expect to get 10 views let alone have the following I’ve been receiving.  Hold tight my dons, though, the ones that are still left. If you feel me, and f with me, then cool. If you don’t, keep it moving. But don’t get brave and start slandering me behind my back, please and thanks!

Thanks for reading


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