We all have dreams. Representing your country in a sport at the Olympics. Marrying and starting a family with a Ghanaian woman. Maybe even something a bit simpler like a lightie texting you back.

I am joking, you Simpson lookalikes!

Got my jokes out the way let’s get into the blog!

Dreams are stories and images that our minds create while we sleep. They can be entertaining, fun, romantic, disturbing, frightening, and sometimes bizarre. Dreams can you make you feel happy, sad, or scared and they may seem confusing or perfectly rational.

I used to think dreams were meaningless but littered with messages from our unconscious. Fast forward a few years and every single one of some dreams that I hoped weren’t true, all came through.

What were there? I hear you ask!

I’ve spoken about one experience in-depth. Click here. But, I had a dream that all happened not too long after it apparently started. Madness right!! These type of dreams is by no means uncommon and it is very difficult to find an explanation. Just before I found out what she was doing, I had a dream I was with her, she walks off and a note was on her back and it said: “She’s not the one!”


At the time, I was in denial and told a few people, the message was the opposite of what it actually was. I was so baffled, I didn’t know what it really meant. Weeks later, I found out exactly why I had that dream! Obviously, I didn’t know I was being cheated on. In my opinion, it was a clear sign that the good guy I am, had a “demon child” as a ‘partner’, who was doing me dirty.

Why did that dream occur? Was it a message from God?


Dreams can sometimes feel incredibly real – as if the sensations experienced are actually happening – but then as we wake up to the everyday reality we cannot make sense of anything and wonder what it all meant. Sadly, many of us forget them upon waking and this is a great loss. They’re a universal human experience that can be described as a state of consciousness during sleep. The dreamer has reduced control over the content, visual images and activation of the memory. Dreams are inner communications that, if heeded, have the potential to set us on the road to a richer, more fulfilling path in life. So I will now try and act on my dreams because they’re my inner thoughts!

That’s right!

If we are to remember, understand and work with the messages from our unconscious minds, we need to learn how to interpret them. The underlying message is dreams are our new thinking home. The deeper you go in your dream, the further removed your mind is from reality. We all know what that’s like: the deeper you sleep, the harder it is to be woken up and real-feeling a dream becomes. If you’re in a deep enough sleep, not even the usual things that wake you up like an alarm, the sensation of falling, or taking a dump.

I know your face screwed up lol

By the time, you reach the limbo state it can be so difficult to wake and the dream can feel so real that the mind stops trying to wake at all – the mind accepts the dream as it’s reality, like slipping into a coma.


When you wake up in limbo you don’t remember anything which is in the “real world” – as, in any dream, you wake up in the middle of a scene and simply accept it for what it is. Breaking yourself out of this cycle is extremely difficult. Time is the other factor. The deeper you go into a dream state, the faster your mind is able to imagine and perceive things within that dream state. We’re told the increase is exponential, so going deeper into dreams turns minutes into hours/days/years.

All I know is if I have a dream, I will try to write it down and understand what I was thinking about. Let’s hope if my woman does appear in my dream, there’s a clear indication of “She’s the one” and hopefully has a Supermalt in her hand while we skank to some Giggs (New album out on 5th August #landlord) like;


But I’d willing to wait, even if she’s not in the UK at the moment.  Possibly out there, pushing a pull door. Hey, she might not even have been born yet.


“Jason, what are your dreams, I hear your minds wondering?

What if I told you this blog was a dream? You tink ’bout dat?

I know you have to re-read the whole blog to make sure you caught it! lol

Thanks for reading!!!


Next post birthday special!!!!




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