I am comfy on my ones

Always remember

Terminator dropped that legendary interview with the subject title nearly 3 years ago but how many people can actually say this and truly mean it?

I know a few people who desperate to get in a relationship as they feel their clock is ticking away to get married and have kids. Understandable. But I don’t know any of them who love themselves the way I’d expect them to. Yes, they’re good people and would be a great partner. But come on, it’s not the end of the world.

Has someone ever fucked up your head so much that you feel you can’t even be happy anymore because all you do is sit there and think about what the f you did to deserve this bull shit? 2 words for you “FUCK THEM”

I’ve only learnt recently that I had to be my own best friend, I had to break the habit of putting myself down.

Do it!

I had to give myself messages of power and love. I followed my path with my heart and I’ve watched myself grow into this confident human being. No one can tell me anything about myself better than I can. I am comfortable in my skin, hence why I can do most things by myself (like travelling, dining on my own, cinema etc)

As your confidence grows you draw the right people into your life. You’ll learn you need never feel alone again. Each time you move out of your comfort zone, your confidence builds. Your world becomes larger and larger. Expanding your comfort zone(s) becomes easier with each risk, despite any fear you may be experiencing.

Believe in yourself and trust me you’ll be surprised what YOU can actually do!

Good luck!


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