Hello Hi 😃

A warm welcome to my family, friends, guests and expected silent readers.

I am proud to show you off my website. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. But finally managed to get the courage to go ahead and actually just do it! My latest blog is below this!

If you follow me on social media (s/c – jason-rt, Twitter – jason_r_t), I am all about banter and jokes. As my close friends will know, I am not one to disclose information about myself too much. I like keeping everything in-house and close to my heart as I hate feeling vulnerable (word to my fellow Leo’s). So this place you’ll get a deeper meaning about me and my thoughts on stuff I have experienced, going through and just have a general say on.

I plan to keep it going and drop regular blogs on the insight of my thinking on a various of topics! I hope to drop a new topic every 2 weeks! I’ve got loads scheduled but still unsure about what order!

So hopefully we can come together to share a common goal and if the guests to my page are like Supermalt well, then you’d be the exact bunch that I’d pick to share this website with. (Why you lying, Jason? You know damn well you aren’t sharing any Supermalt with anyone 😂)

Thank you for coming onto my page though and hopefully you’ll find a blog that you can relate to.

Kick back, have a Supermalt (or a drink you may like) and enjoy the read!

Hi hello!

Follow me on my social media above! (I am on others but they’re private! Sorry!)




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