Week off

If you follow me on Snapchat (@jason-rt), you’d have seen last week I was off work for just over a week.

When the holiday season comes around for people, we can’t wait. Time away from work is always a good thing especially when you’re getting paid to not be there.

I can’t say I hate my job (it suits my lifestyle) plus I work with some amazing people that really make my job quite easy despite the manager role that I occupy tbh. However, this was my first real ‘time off’ since November. So it was definitely needed. So you probably know how I was feeling especially when the time to start my holiday had approached.

Celebrated hard!

I didn’t tell many I was off. I kept it real lowkey. ‘Typical Jason, I hear some sigh’ Lol.

You mad?


Most that know me, I like going to countries on a random tip but this time I thought I’d keep my ass in England. Key word here, England, and not London.

Get me!

(TBH, the plan was to go Basel, Switzerland for the Europa League final on Wednesday 18th May. Damn you, Liverpool, for making it but

at your loss, scumbags)

My ‘holiday’ was far from quiet. But it was good to meet up with people that I have so much respect for.

Quick breakdown on what happened on my week;

Saturday – Whole day with my cuz in South London.

Sunday – Went Coventry to see my boy, Jermaine. Met White Yardie in Birmingham. Caught up with Syllestina in Derby.

Monday – Slumped from the weekend and just chilled.

Tuesday – Went to dinner with Wini

Wednesday- My good friend, Bianca’s birthday meal in Gants Hill

Thursday – Blogged for most of the day as I was due to release my site but then delayed it.

Friday – Went Manchester to watch the City Games with some World Class Athletes like Kim Collins, Greg Rutherford, and Tiffany Porter.

(May I add, Stoke is a shithole. The city had me like …..)


Saturday– FA Cup final & Bianca’s 2nd birthday get together.

Sunday – Chilled and touched up my website for the launch the next day.

What a week!

In the words of Tom when I saw him at work on Monday, “You were living life!” Damn right, I was!

So a very eventful but enjoyable week. I did so much but did so little if that makes sense. Time just flew so I didn’t have much time to really just chill, stay in bed, and do nothing.

I went back to work on Monday but felt so refresh despite what I did for the week.

Moral of this blog is to just enjoy your time regardless of what you’re doing. I love planning out my day because it allows me to include all of the awesome things I want to happen. Time is going to move whether we plan it or not, so I figure why not take control and choose how I live my life. Tomorrow isn’t guarantee and I think people stress about absolutely nothing sometimes. Most will know I am quite a chilled guy and just take life for what it is. If you have the right energy about everything then you’ll find how much you can really just enjoy the life we have.



Thanks for reading!


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