For the grown dons ONLY.


Imagine having a lover that has a dick made up of the ultimate texture and they know how you love your clit touched. Dream of experiencing the perfect amount of pressure in each stroke sliding along your clitoris as it completely envelopes every throbbing and pulsating nerve ending in warm wet pleasure. With this sensation, this perfect warm flesh is filled with the softest and wettest, texture that has evolved over all the years of humanity. One that could only be created so perfectly by evolution, God (or whatever you believe in)! Created to perfection to ensure your newly enlarged clitoris will reach orgasm (& procreate)!


Your most sensitive glans start thrusting into this wonderful sensation as it responds to you. The more you thrust, the wetter it gets as it clenches around every soaking wet millimetre of your throbbing sensitive arousal. You get to control the pace of the sensation, and every thrust feels like you’re entering heaven. The slightest motion is ecstasy and feeling your lover respond the same which brings you to the verge of going over the edge. Of course, this is just the physical aspect, throw on top of the emotional bond with your lover and everything I described just goes through the roof. Knowing they feel good as you hold them tightly compounds the physical sensations immeasurably. Soon you reach a point where you can no longer hold back, and your clit goes into a series of spasms that explodes in the most intense control orgasmic contractions that invoke the highest level of pleasure.


Now imagine, both lay under the covers, trying to get warm during these winter months. Despite house clothes on they inch closer together so they can feel each other’s body heat. They both know what they want. He rubs her back, and she can feel his dick rising against her stomach. She knows what is about to happen next and gets ready even though she’s wet downstairs already. Slowly drawing their lips away but keeping them close enough to each other so they are almost touching. This lingering feeling helped build passion and capture each other’s full attention. Then he gently bit her lower lip, letting her teeth graze their lips. He then moves his head down to kiss and lightly nibble her neck while gently pulling her towards him. Both use their hands to caress each other’s back, sides and other parts of the body, wrapping arms around each other and it’s a big turn-on. They lock eyes and embrace with soft slow kisses with a hint of the tongue as well. With his right hand, he reaches for her front and puts it on her clit. He slid his finger gently down her pussy and she bit her lip to keep her from gasping. His touch was so hot. He leaned over and whispered to her, “Oh, you’re so wet?” She nodded at his dirty talk. She threw her head back, he knew how to push her buttons.

He was sending lovely singling sensations down her spine, slowly he slid in one finger, and she gripped the sheets to keep herself from screaming. He began kissing her ear gently down to her chin and to the neck, then got down to her breasts. He slid off one shoulder of her tank top. His mouth fell. “No bra?” She smirked. “For you”. He laughed and began sucking her nipples. The combination of him adding in a second finger with him sucking on her breasts was almost too much to handle. She was about to burst. Her pussy was clenching and her breaths were short and fast. “Fuck, I’m …. about …… to ………. 


She shakes as her first orgasm starts. He chuckled to himself at the sexual power he had over her. He slowed down allowing her a moment to recover from the intense orgasm. She moves her hand down to his front and feels his dick hard against her. He rises up slightly so he can bring his shorts slightly down so she can actually feel his big dick. Both now rubbing on each other’s organs as they begin kissing again. This goes on for a few moments, she gets on top of him and gets into position to give him mind blowing head. Firstly, she ties her hair back and got completely naked, she knew after this they immediately will have sex. She started to bash him off to make sure he has fully erect. She then licked his shaft with the tip of her tongue. She drenched his manhood with her saliva. Starting at the root, she worked her way up to the sensitive underside of his dick, right under the head. When she knew he really needed some more direct stimulation, she finally put her lips around the whole head of his dick and started to gently suck him off. Fondling his balls with her hand, she slowly lowered her mouth over his entire organ, getting it deep inside her mouth.


She could hear his breathing getting heavier; she knew he was deeply enjoying his blowjob. He began to buck his hips up and down; she stroked the root of his cock with her hands and swallowed his shaft again. Swirling her tongue wildly around the underside of the head of his deep, she drove him mad with desire. He was sweating; He kept groaning and moaning with pleasure as she became firmer with her sucking. She made sexual sounds to excite him. She firmly grabbed his dick with strong suction from her mouth as she used her hands to give the extra pleasure. His balls began to draw closer to his thighs, a sign that his orgasm was imminent. She intended to milk him dry; she sucked and licked him lovingly while stroking his balls. She looked up; his eyes were tightly shut, and his hands were by his side on the bed. She reached for his hands and placed them on her tits, letting him have something soft and pleasant to hold.


She gets on top of him and reaches under her to glide the dick inside of her and slowly starts riding. Taking her time, she soon had his entire length inside of her. Resting her weight on him, she took a breath before using her hips to go back and forth. It was totally explosive – the long build-up meant they were both desperate for it. Trembling, she gripped the back of his neck as he held onto her outer thighs. Both sexually give out a groan, grabbing onto each other to feel skin. Her pussy feels so tight and it takes a couple of thrusts to be able to take the whole length as he slowly explores her walls. While he went deeper and deeper, her breath became short, heavy and she could feel the peak moment building. Feeling his hot skin against hers and sinking her nails into his back as he bit her neck, she resisted the urge to scream. It was amazing how full she felt. She bounces up and down while sitting on his dick. Changing up the speed and motion to give him a full workout. They both look deep into each other eyes while enjoying each other’s sexual organs.


“Ohhhhhh, you’re …. so big” was all she said as they both hear her juices pouring out of her as the dick is doing madness to her insides. Rather than responding with words, he began to move his hips to meet her movements, seeking to get as deep in her as he could. She gasped once more at this and her hand landed on his chest. “Cum in me”, she said. “Please cum in me, let’s finish together” He thrust upwards and released spurts of cum deep inside her pussy. This triggered her orgasm, which blew through her body, causing her to collapse forward onto him. After we had caught our breath, she lifted herself enough to kiss him. “Another session asap, yeah?” she says. He grins,


They have a nap for an hour. She wakes him up by playing with his dick, he opens his eyes and smiles. He lifts her up to stand up and to his surprise, he just feels bare skin, she’s completely naked already. He lifts his legs out of his underwear/shorts and takes off his top. They slowly kiss to embrace and he pushes her back so they are both on the bed. They carry on kissing to get in the mood. He’s on top and gets into a missionary position. She grabs at his dick and guides him inside of her. Despite the fact, they had sex plenty of times, that feeling of entry is something that always amazes her. The instant pleasure is something that can’t explain as every cm slowly glides in. As she was so wet already, there was no problem with it entering. They both moan as the penetration slowly picks up. They breathe into each face as her pum-pum grips his dick and it feels tight and wet.

The pleasure is heating up and they grab onto each other he can feel her breathing change so he knows her first cum is coming. He carries on doing what’s he doing, her mouth opens, eyes closed and let’s put a big groan. He lifts up slightly and puts her legs on his shoulder to change up the angle of the penetration. She likes it deep. He has his left hand on her left leg which is now on his shoulder and the right hand on her neck. Despite the dark room, he can see the pleasure on her face. He talks dirty to her, “This is what you wanted, yeah? Cum on this dick”. She does exactly that, she shakes uncontrollably and cums multiple times. She looks down at herself and can’t believe the pleasure she’s experiencing but both slightly look at each other and smirk as her moaning continues.

She got her nut but wanted to feel him from behind. So she went on all fours and he entered. She was gripping the sheets as the big dick took control of her body. In, out, in, out as his torso is against her bum cheeks as the dick did the work.


He pulled her hair with one hand while the other was on her upper bum area which slowly moved to her hips and then around to her tits. The pleasure was too much that her knees gave away and they both collapsed on the bed with her still in her. He performed a collapsed doggy. This allowed a more intimate sensation as he was talking to her ear, on how much she was enjoying.
“You’re the best,” he says as he slowly dismounted off her. She felt a gush of his semen pour out of her as he withdrew. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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