Protect your energy


If you don’t tell your story, they’re going to tell it for you! Speak your truth and set the facts straight, your inner energy will love you for it!

Life can be hectic. Between work, family, friends, bills, and other things, you may feel that the minutes that you have to yourself are minimal or never there. Everyone has days when they feel pulled in a million directions. As spring approaches, you might be emerging from somewhat of a social hibernation. Hey, I’ve been doing it for a whole year (2022). No matter if you’re energized by other people or prefer friendly gatherings in small doses, you might be wondering how to protect your energy. Those are the days when it seems that almost everyone you know is in crisis, and the only person in the world they can speak to is you.


While it is understandable that you may want to try and hold space for everyone around you in crisis. Being there all the time for everyone is draining, very draining. As humans, it is our nature to want to help, ease the pain and worries of those we care about. As a result, we give a lot of ourselves daily to be kind and empathetic to those close to us. We fail to realize that our mental and physical needs are just as important. Being around other people can take a lot of our energy. Your energy may seem endless to others, but you might be exhausted beneath the smiles and positivity. Trust me, I’ve been there. The more you deny yourself time and space to recover or heal, the more you’re likely to overextend yourself and end up with some mental or physical ailments as a result. This is the reason I’ve got a “No social Sunday” where I now turn my phone off for the whole day.

If you start to notice yourself feeling drained or empty, it’s a sign that your energy needs to be restored. Protecting your energy by recharging and spending it carefully is a lesson everyone must learn. You don’t have to be everyone’s superman. Being available for everyone 24/7 will cause you to hit a wall where you must take time to yourself to recharge, and then you can’t help anyone.


Your friends and family may even get mad at you when you’re no longer available to them all the time. That’s okay and when they come back in a calmer state of mind, explain to them that you’ll still be there for them, but they need to practice taking care of themselves rather than relying on you to take on emotional, physical, or time burdens for them. This doesn’t mean you can’t ever help them. It just has to be the right time.

Every time you come into contact with others – you experience an exchange of energy. Energy protection is not just about avoiding “bad” energy at all costs and seeking out only “good” energy. It’s about shielding yourself from energetic depletion. It also isn’t about retaining your own energy but also noticing how others’ energies might trigger something in you. You have trained yourself to respond and not react. You are so good at shutting off your feelings that you often forget to turn them back on when dealing with your personal life. Energy works the same way – you need the mental, physical and spiritual energy to spend or share your energy, otherwise, you’re sure to overdraft your energy account, leading to burnout. Set aside time just for you. See how it feels to be completely alone: you may like it!


Have you ever been near someone who drains you? Walked into a room and felt an atmosphere? A certain individual, you just feel some off vibe about them. If you have answered yes, then you have experienced your body’s spiritual energy system at work. Through your body’s spiritual energy system, you are able to sense, feel and intuit everything and everyone you come into contact with. It is through your spiritual energy system that you can feel a tense atmosphere, sense danger and be left feeling utterly drained by a needy friend. It makes sense then to learn how to protect it as well as keep it energised and cleansed.

Limit your exposure to negativity: Listen to what your body is telling you. You do not have to engage if you don’t feel comfortable in any situation or conversation because someone is being negative through gossip, complaint, or anything else. You don’t have to make excuses or find a way to leave. Surrounding yourself with positivity takes practice, and it can be difficult on some days. There will be moments, and when they happen, remind yourself that some things in this world you cannot control. You will also have to remind yourself that, though you can’t always control situations or how other people will react to them, you can control how you react.

Block that number, ghost that person, don’t go to certain spaces and directly indirect people on your blog. When it comes down to it, everyone is impacted by each other’s energies in some way, shape or form. However, you’re in charge of your energy and it is up to you to protect it.



  1. Just 1 Tori

    I love this, it’s dope, I could hear you talking & laughing at your self at a point too lol. You already know how I feel on this so co sign it all! x


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