Take the ​risk and prosper

Risk-taking won’t only potentially benefit the career-path you’re already on — it may actually open you up to a world of possibilities you have yet to consider. Reframing risk as an opportunity to succeed rather than a path to failure.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I wish you all the best for the upcoming year!


Taking some risks may make your life happier and more fulfilling, but other risks may not have the same effect. Experiment with risk-taking in small steps to find out what level of risk enhances your life. There’s no reason to challenge your own comfort with risks that won’t do you any good

Never be mad at yourself for taking a risk, even if it doesn’t work out, it’s okay, you’ll be better off living with yourself knowing you took a step!

Of course, sometimes the word “risk” takes on a negative meaning. It doesn’t only mean skydiving, and it certainly does not mean skydiving without a parachute!

Real-life pic of you overthinking a risk

The very nature of risks means that we cannot predict in advance if things will turn out well. Just ask yourself, “Is it worth trying for?”

One thing for sure, you only listen to yourself, you know best!

  • Don’t let anyone pressure you into taking risks. You should take them because you want to, not because other people want you to.

Lots of people dream about taking risks in life but are too afraid to go through with it, perhaps because they worry about what others will think about their decisions or because they may be too uncomfortable with the idea of moving outside their own comfort zones.


Whatever it is that is holding you back from taking a risk, it’s time to overcome it. With some simple planning and analysis, you can decide whether something is really worth the risk. If you decide it is, you can overcome your fear of risks by making smart decisions.

Stop living the life that you think other people expect you to live, and start living the life you really want to live. If you aren’t constantly worrying about disappointing others or embarrassing yourself, it will be much easier for you to take risks in life. If we allow people to exploit us emotionally, financially, spiritually, physically, or mentally, they will continue to do so.


People tend to view risk-taking negatively, often regarding it as dangerous and even unwise. I am not stupid, while some risks certainly don’t pay off, it’s important to remember that some do! You really have to put one foot in front of the other and start on your journey. You have to be comfortable that you don’t know exactly how you are going to get to the results that you want to see. Of course, there is going to be experimentation along the way and you have to be comfortable that you can think your way through and actually execute your way through to the desired outcome.

“I expected to be successful. I wanted to be successful”


I’ve always felt that there was something quite exciting about taking risks and there’s a great saying, actually, that you only learn when you are at risk and I’m fascinated by both risk and learning, so that has led me to take jobs that I didn’t think I could do.

The world outside our comfort zone can be huge and scary until we are willing to put ourselves out there and take a risk, we will never be able to achieve professional success and realize our potential. It’s time to leave our comfort zone; time to go after what we’re passionate about; and time to achieve our dreams.




Failure is not the opposite of success but a stepping stone to success. People don’t benefit from risks without preparing to take them and educating themselves on the possible fall-out. Stop underestimating yourself. One of the reasons people struggle with taking risks is because they are not confident that they will be able to handle the stress, responsibility, or pressure that comes along with it. You are capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for, so stop doubting your own abilities!

  • If you are considering moving to a new country,, remind yourself that you have lots of skills and talents, so you should not be afraid of not being able to find a job.

If you never take risks, you will always be settling and living with regret.


You may be worried about the consequences of taking a risk that you forget there are consequences involved with not taking a risk also. This constitutes a serious risk as well, as you may not be living the fulfilling life you really want.

  • For example, if you are thinking about taking a new job that you think you will enjoy much more than your current job, but you are concerned that it is not as secure as your current job, consider that you risk being unhappy and never enjoying your work if you stay where you are.

Everyone has a different tolerance for risk and danger. It can be beneficial to push your comfort zone a little to reach for things you want to accomplish, but there’s no need to compare your own risk-taking to others.


However, have these things in place, just in case, it does go wrong. 

It’s always possible that your risk may not pay off, but it’s important to keep the consequences in perspective. People tend to overestimate both the likelihood that something will go wrong and the severity of the consequences that will ensue. Take a minute to reflect on what would actually happen if your risk didn’t pay off and how you would handle it

Picture everything going well. Once you’ve decided that the risk is worth taking, try visualizing the scenario in your head several times with everything going exactly as planned. Don’t let negative thoughts about what could go wrong. This positive thinking will help you build the confidence you need to go through with your risk

Have a plan for failure. It’s important not to fixate on the worst possible scenario (because this can prevent you from taking any kind of risk), but it does pay to be prepared. Before you take a risk that has potentially serious consequences, plan out how you will handle the worst-case scenario




Goooooood luck and see you end of Jan’ for my new blog!



  1. jennasworldview

    Thank God

    we all have a chance to start over in life.

    Cheers to more risk and rewards in 2019 my blogging Brother

    May it be our best year yet.

    Also…..”Lots of people dream about taking risks in life but are too afraid to go through with it, perhaps because they worry about what others will think about their decisions or because they may be too uncomfortable with the idea of moving outside their own comfort zones” – I felt every word of this!

    I look forward to your new piece at the end of this month



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