No Behaviour

If you follow me on social media, you know I don’t hold back in a lot with what I say. So due to popular demand, I thought I’d do a post where I just lay it all out on a blog.









No behaviour!

Painful truth got a lot of attention and even though it wasn’t aimed at anyone, I don’t do an indirect. Please don’t be sending stuff to my friends, asking if it’s about you. It’s really not. Actually, that was indirect. But I don’t really care. If this offends you, that’s your own problem!


Some people don’t like hearing uncomfortable facts because it’s seen as being ‘negative’ in a ‘good vibes only’ popular culture.I believe it’s better to have a painful truth than a comfortable delusion. I am always fighting daily to become who I am choosing to be because my natural mentality is to doubt myself, think and speak negatively, always see what I do not have, always say what if it doesn’t work and always want to remember what happened last time something failed.


We cannot be honest with others until we are first honest with ourselves. When we deceive ourselves, we often damage our romantic relationships. Being honest requires deliberate effort on a daily basis and tolerating some painful realizations. Yet, by observing our emotions, thoughts, and behaviours, we can learn about who we really are and give ourselves the opportunity to change our thinking.


Generally, if we are emotionally reactive to something or someone because we are being reminded of something painful or unresolved in our lives. In these areas, we are going to struggle to admit the truth. For example, if you struggle with trust issues in your romantic relationships, you may feel anxious, angry, or scared when falling in love with a new mate. In fact, your reaction is fundamentally based on who you are and unresolved issues from your past that you are bringing into your new relationship.


Given this reality, when you have a strong emotional reaction to something or someone, pause and think about it. Ask yourself:  Why am I having this emotion? What is my emotion in reaction to? Is my emotion really related to the present situation or is the present situation triggering something in me that is unresolved baggage from my past?


We all want to believe that our thoughts are accurate reflections of reality. In fact, most of us believe that we are right about everything. Unfortunately, our thoughts are incredibly inaccurate in characteristic ways. Often, our inaccurate thinking reflects painful realities that we don’t want to admit.


When entering into a new romantic relationship, for example, people often think things that are incredibly irrational. These thoughts can be very negative, such as “I am sure my new partner is cheating on me because my ex-cheated”. You shouldn’t have entered your relationship if your ex still has a stranglehold on your thoughts still and “I am scared to fall in love because I am going to get hurt, like before.”


Given this reality, when you notice your thinking is extreme or irrational, pause. Ask yourself: What words am I using to describe my partner? Are my thoughts accurate? Am I using my past to justify my current thinking? How are my thoughts biased?


We desperately want our behaviour to be separate from our identity. We don’t want to believe that the way we act reflects who we are. For example, you don’t want to admit that you are jealous even though you check your partners’ phone messages; you don’t want to have intimacy issues even though you sabotage your relationships by breaking up with people when they get too close. Yet, the truth is that our behaviour is a reflection of who we are in some way.



    • If you can’t post ONE pic without a Snapchat filter, you’re ugly and this is not up for debate. Have a nice day!
    • You gotta be prepared for disloyal shit no matter how loyal you are to a person.
    • A lot of women think they’re great girlfriends because they don’t cheat but a lot of the toxic behaviour comes from unnecessary attitudes, lack of focus of his feelings, selfishness, and the odd obsession of not giving minor space.
    • They don’t call it “hoeing around” anymore, they call it “Living my best life”
    • 20180918_180436
    • I never seen women say “I had a good guy” but I effed up? Reason why? In denial.
    • You can’t be nice to a girl without her thinking you want some pussy. I mean, I’ll take some but I was genuinely being nice.
    • I’m not calling women “Beautiful’ anymore. I’m tired of the “Aww, thank you” response.

    • Overly emotional chicks will calmly text you “Goodnight” at 6pm.
    • Before you say “There are no good men” just make sure you’re a good woman. You attract the lifestyle you live.
  • Fellas, stay strong, these women ain’t shit. Days are getting shorter which they’ll be texting your phone. Let them be cold and lonely this winter.
  • Stay strong Kings, don’t fall for “Hey, big head” or “long time” type of texts. Women are trash.
  • When a women text you “Maybe, I’ll see” Just text another woman because she hit you with “Nah brudda” internally.
  • When she says, “I’ll be out my friends tonight, ring me later, maybe we could link up. What that really means is “If my first and 2nd options flop, I am all yours”
  • Kinda mad how women go to the gym and get their bodies in such good shape, just to go to Dubai and get shitted on by some old guy for a 1k.
  • Women apologize by saying “I need dick” Respect yourself, fellas.
  • Women’s ego is too big to DM them during the day, that’s why you gotta do it at night when they’re realising they’re single.
  • ”My man doesn’t have Instagram or Snapchat. But he has a wife and kids like Damon Wayans.

  • A chick could be texting 17 guys but will be press over a little flirting on social media
  • A woman could go from texting you “Forget it .. Don’t worry about it.  To sending you 3 emotional paragraphs 10 minutes later …..Beautiful.
  • When I’m right, I’m right. When I’m wrong, I am still right = women
  • When a woman is silent, listen to her carefully.
  • Women are totally single until you tell you them you want to take them out to eat!
  • Women: I can’t date you, you’re my best friend. Also, women, I want to marry my best friend?
  • Five deadly terms used by women;
  1. Fine – used to end the argument when she still thinks she’s right but is wrong.
  2. Nothing – something is wrong
  3. Go ahead – Don’t do that.
  4. Whatever – Fuck you
  5. That’s okay – You’ll pay for that.

Bonus word

Wow – She’s delaying you to think of something to say.

  • Behind every angry woman stands a man who has no clue what he has done wrong.
  • Women will see her friend talking to a guy and want him just because her friend showed interest. Women are wanting shit other women have got. The best way to pull women is to have one.
  • Your girl is single if the right guy asks. Stay woke

  • Not marrying the person of your dreams because you’re scared of what your family will think. Will forever be mad to me. But each to their own.
  • Better yet, stop dating people if your family doesn’t like us.
  • Fellas, in 2019, we’re still not sharing our girlfriend/relationship on social media until we’re married with 2 kids…
  • We’re leaving women who don’t bring their purses on dates at the dinner table while I pay for my meal.

  • Hurt a man and he won’t be in another relationship for years. Women are in love 3 months later.
  • So you mean to tell me that EVERY man you dated was a fuck boy? and you NEVER did anything wrong. Mwad.

  • Sometimes you got to keep the good news to yourself, everybody doesn’t want to see you blessed!
  • Women have no business telling men what a ‘real man’ is.
  • Men have no business telling women what a ‘real woman ‘ is.
  • Your ‘type’ is the reason why you’re single. But yeah, do not settle tho
  • Nobody cares what you could have done. If you didn’t do it, you didn’t do it. The end.
  • If men had that “I’m not settling attitude’ no man would be married, everyone settles, no one is perfect. Let that emotional shit go, the truth hurts but it is absolutely necessary.
  • I decided to put as much effort into contacting you as you do with me. That’s why we don’t talk anymore.
  • A man that refuses to learn from a woman is a fool. A woman who has nothing to teach him, even more so.
  • Your soulmate is not another person’s spouse. Sorry.

  • Let’s be honest, if you didn’t make a teacher quit or cry, you didn’t have the full experience.
  • Getting married and having kids won’t make a man be faithful. A man won’t be faithful until he loves you enough to resist temptation.
  • The root of suffering is attachment.
  • When you’re evolving to your higher self, the road seems lonely but you’re simply shedding energies that no longer match the frequency of your destiny.
  • You can put a broken mirror back together but you’ll always see the cracks.
  • A moment of silence to all those who don’t like me but check my Instagram every time I post.
  • People out there having unprotected sex but got a case on their iPhone.
  • Ya’ll is ready to unfollow me for my posts but won’t leave the person who’s been cheating on you since 2015.

  • I keep it real cause I’m not afraid to make enemies.
  • You lot that turns off your ‘last seen and blue ticks’ on Whatsapp are cowards. Air me with your chest!
  • Your MCM is telling you, he doesn’t want to pursue a relationship right now and wants to focus on himself when he’s really chasing his WCW
  • Half of the success is outlasting the pain.

  • If your body is telling you to avoid certain foods and eat more fruits and veggies, do it. If your gut feeling is telling you to distance yourself from certain people and get close to those who have a positive aura to them, do it. If your heart is telling you to travel, quit that job, start this project, spend more time in nature, take a break, read this book, be with that person, go for it. Your higher self-knows what’s best for you so don’t ignore the message.
  • Love didn’t hurt you. Someone who doesn’t know how to love, hurt you. Don’t confuse the two.
  • White people do not worship any day belonging to Black people. Why should you worship their days?

  • Always be yourself (except during job interviews, the first few months of a relationship, or any type of social interaction)
  • If a man loves a woman’s soul, he’ll end up loving one woman but if he loves a woman’s face, all the women in the world won’t satisfy him.
  • If someone treats you badly, just remember that there is something wrong with them, not with you. Healthy people do not go around destroying other humans beings.

  • Once I get comfortable with you, I basically become the most annoying person ever. I’ll just piss you off for bants.
  • ”I need to talk to you” That one sentence that has the power to make you remember every single bad thing you did in your whole life.
  • Old slaves were in Chains ….. new slaves at in denial
  • Satan doesn’t exist. You do. Take responsibilities for your own actions
Never allow anyone to violate your work, fuck your follower count! My team is strong.


  • A lot of my posts are designed to get you to think. So you’ll be doing yourself a disservice if you take them personally. Honestly. We might not always 100% agree with some of the things I post but if you decide to be honest with yourself, you’d agree that you can actually learn some new stuff from them. I post to teach, to learn, and to impact. I will post the truth and nothing but the truth.




  • Even if it offends myself. I am not here to pamper egos or reinforce any counterproductive behaviours and norms.
  • Darkness scares us. We yearn for the comfort of light as it provides shape and form, allowing us to recognize and define what’s before us. But what is it we’re afraid of really? Not the darkness itself but the truth we know hides within.


All the way to the White House!

Next blog; Black History month special!

Darkside Don


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