I always do some self-reflection on this day, 12th August. The reason being it’s because it’s my birthday!

Quick blog, first thing first;

Happy Birthday to me!

This year the word I wanted to focus on for myself is;


For me, being grateful is just an automatic act of courtesy. I am grateful when people read my blogs, feedback me and/or post it on their social media, share it in a Whatsapp group and/or wear my wristbands!

I am grateful when people do me a favour or just be nice to others. Bar this, people don’t seem particularly important to be grateful for anything. Nevertheless, for me, I am grateful for everything in my life. The roof over my head, the food I eat, the job I have, the family and friends I got. I don’t have a massive social group like others but I am happy with the small bunch I have. A lot less drama this way!


When I say ‘Thank you” to someone, it might seem like I am not doing it with any conviction but from the bottom of my heart, I truly mean it!

Gratitude is a wonderful and great feeling. I feel like, a lot of us underestimate this. Especially when it’s some help or kind words when you’re feeling shitty. It instantly fills me up with a rewarding feeling. To live gratefully is to live happily! It’s an attitude towards life, if you’re humble, you can only be grateful. Don’t forget, nobody owes us anything, nobody has an obligation to help or please us. Once we put that into mental health, things become clearer.


This birthday is a milestone for me and it’s difficult because it’s the first time, I’ve begun to consider the fact that I am aging (like fine wine nonetheless). But I am here to embrace this new age for me and I know that the next 10 years is going to be a massive decade for me, I will get married and have finally kids. (I am claiming it!) I know you’re thinking, how is a Caribbean man of my age, parentless! I’ve been good that’s why!


I’ve avoided comparing myself to others. I know I am different and comparing myself to other people minimizes my self-confidence, especially in an era when there’s so much pressure to appear young and have everything. I’ve also let go of expectations, (well unrealistic and unfulfilled ones),  I’ve now accepted Alicia Keys or Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce will not be my wife.


I also have confidence in everything I’ve learned in my life and will apply this knowledge to be successful in what God has for me in the future. I can embrace the fact that I feel more confident and comfortable in myself, which has allowed me to just enjoy life and relax.


I am grateful for what I have and anything negative I am grateful also, it keeps me positive! It’s how gratitude has changed my life!

This year, I am celebrating my birthday with just the immediate family at the top-class, Sheesh Restaurant in Chigwell! So if anyone expected a text from me to celebrate, now you know why?


Next blog early September!

Until next time

Darkside Don

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