Men are trash!!!

All men are trash sounds a lot like I’ve let losers in my life.

What I think of this ‘All men are trash’ movement

We all know the saying “Good guys, finish last” but why does it that happen so often please? Let’s look deeper ….!!!

The definition of ‘good’ before we get into the blog;

  1. to be desired or approved of.
    “it’s good that he’s back to his old self”
  2. having the required qualities; of a high standard.
    “a good restaurant”

Having the required qualities of a high standard, interesting? So why do the good guys, finish last then?

In my opinion, women want the wasteman, drug dealer, the bad boy, or the guy with ‘status’ and then come with ‘Men are trash’. So I think to myself, “Jason, you need to be more of a complete player, player! Put women down. Don’t treat them with respect. Learn to not holla at them, play games. Yeah, that’ll work.”


However, guess what happens if I want to try that? Like Skepta said “That’s not me.” So what do I do? Treat women with lots of respect. It’s what they deserve right?

Until they fix up

Your ability to choose wisely is YOUR downfall! Don’t blame anyone else but yourself! Not all men are trash. Ladies, can you imagine being compatible with a bad guy? I bet a lot of you can but of course not, that makes no sense! So, of course, the guy you’ll get with is compatible with you, which in turn should be a good guy, in one way, shape or form, no?

Don’t say nothing

Nevertheless, I’ll stick to the principles that my parents raised me. A guy who respects himself and people in general. I shouldn’t have to change myself to please anyone let alone women who can’t see what I can offer them in a relationship! Go get with these dweebs, who treat you with no respect, cheats, and lowers your self-esteem and confidence.


Women have a crazy thought / unrealistic process and thinking when it comes to relationships. Why’d you friend zone a dude and then start dating a guy that’s an asshole and try and change him to act like the dude you friend-zoned? Is it me or is that stupid as hell? (You all know what I think of ‘hell’) It seems women pick men based on what they can picture him being after she molds him to be how she wants. Dumbest things I can think of. Maybe it’s a challenge for them and one that usually ends in heartache and tears flowing down from their face but all men are trash, right?


I also find that women love to hear thoughts on what certain guys are like from their family and friends. Brah! ONLY you should be able to see certain qualities that will make YOU happy! You never know, that same friend could be looking for those qualities that they’re dismissing to you and end with that guy and live happily.


If they ever do try and come back in your life and finally see your qualities, believe this and it’s a fundamental thing that women do especially!

If he/she doesn’t want you! Keep it moving!

If you’re in the friend zone and she suddenly shows an interest in you this means that all the guy(s) who originally wanted, didn’t want her! Let her go bruh! Or she’s lonely and remembered how you felt you first tried to make a move. Let her go bruh! Let her go! Am I speaking too loud for you?

Run, she’s crazy

If you’re a good guy at heart, you’re good. You treat people well? Embrace it — it’s a great quality to have. Don’t hide it by playing games and trying to be a bad boy.  Don’t be good just to get a woman to like you. It never works. To get there, you have to truly believe it. You have to live your life in a way that you truly want and not give it up just to make your date happy. You have to know that you are a great, interesting person to be with.


Looking for a ‘bad bitch’ (clichéd urban lyrics) isn’t my portion, I was with one for a very long time and mentally effed me up. So again why would I want that type of a woman? Give me a Michelle Obama over a Rihanna/Nicki Minaj all day, every day!

A BAD one was a mistake on my path because of the DREAMS and signs I had received. But I won’t be blaming all women because of one CHEATING scumbag, who was acting like a LADY OF THE NIGHT. There’s more to LIFE and I am all about TURNING MY NEGATIVES INTO POSITIVES. So if you’re about this ‘ALL MEN ARE TRASH’ movement. WHAT THE HELL! GOODBYE with your FAKE self and grow up. Your TBT experiences with wastemans aren’t every guy’s fault. If you’ve been messed about by 5 BY 5 guys then look within yourself. Something might be wrong with you and your type. Go ABROAD ALONE and be COMFY ON YOUR ONES during your WEEK OFF. But WHO AM I to say anything.

Follow me!


But all men are trash right?


  1. miss_boansi

    Hmmm interesting post. A few points that I did not agree with (we’ve had this discussion on twitter before), but I was nodding through the majority of it.

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  2. Saabirah

    I have a hard time accepting this “choose better” thing because I do believe some people just choose bad guys yes but I think the reason why so many women prefer a “bad guy” is confidence, bad guys has a certain swag to them that nice guys don’t have, I know I have the potential to walk all over a nice guy, not because I’m a bad person but if you give me the opportunity I might just take it. Confidence is sexy! Nice guys tend not to have the same confidence, they tend to be insecure, I’m insecure myself I don’t want a guy who is insecure as well there’s just certain qualities I have that I don’t want my partner to share because we will clash. That’s just my take I could be wrong but women and men are raised differently so I think that plays a big part in what we look for in partners.

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    1. Jason-RT

      Thanks for the comment.

      I understand what you’re saying and it makes sense completely. But wouldn’t the bad guys walk all over you aswell? So where does the line stop? If you want someone to love, cherish and hold you down what type of guy will you expect that from?

      What I have found with the women I know especially is they really don’t know what they want and I think that’s just where the whole ‘Men are trash’ movement started from. If you want to pick a bad guy for his confidence and then get treated like dirt then how can you blame him when you knew his ways from the get go?

      I’ve been bought up to treat women well regardless. So despite being effed over a few times it won’t change my ways and views that women are trash! It was just the ones I picked, so I can’t blame anyone but myself especially as I chose to ignore the signs.

      Didn’t get to speak to you at the BBB social as I only noticed you towards the end. But then you disappeared lol. But next time 100%!


      1. Saabirah

        It’s difficult because womrn want good guys but when good guys come around these certain qualities that they just aren’t fond of. It’s about balance I think. Relationships now are difficult there’s so many more factors that come into play that it just messes up the whole partnership.

        Haha yeah once it ended me and my sister left we was starving lol, I knew you looked familiar but couldn’t put my finger on who you was. Definetly come and have a chat next time!

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  3. Her Majesty

    Lol a whole post of someone showcasing how much they don’t know about #MenAreTrash.

    Men Are Trash is not about all men being rapists and players. It’s about those disgusting men yes but also those ones who continue to perpetuate the abuse of women. Suppose you’ve never hit a woman but you’re mute when your friend does it, you are trash for not using your privilege to talk to your friend.
    Expecting women to choose better is perpetuating the facade that men who rule countries and lead in high places are incapable of making a decision that involves acting better. Being proper is the default and the onus is on the one misbehaving to change. Any other idea is whack.
    Also if you are part of the #NotAllMen brigade you are trash too because you take away from the real issues being raised in order to sanctify yourself. It’s a silencing technique whether intentional or not. You stop progress by continuously pushing our cries on issues that affect us to the side so again you can be in the limelight. We are women, we know men who are great. It should be as plain as day that we are not talking of all men.


    1. Jason-RT

      Thanks for the comment.

      1) I don’t know any man who would treat women badly, it’s not how I was raise and certaintly wouldn’t have such men in my life. If a friend ‘hit’ his woman, trust me, I would do a lot more than ‘talk’ to him.
      2) Being proper is default. I can admit to that. But the world isn’t built like that. So you choose better?
      3) How can #NotallMen be trash when not all men are trash and then you talk about men being great? lol.


      1. Her Majesty

        Okay one more time to make sure you understand that last point. The #NotAllMan is destructive because it takes away from the issues that #MenAreTrash is putting forward. It’s like when you are at a cancer summit and people are saying cancer kills then you say not everyone dies from cancer, some die from Aids. What you are saying is real but it takes away from the current subject in this case cancer from being discussed and solutions made. So that’s how #NotAllMen is trash. It’s destructive.

        If you are a great man with none trash friends I applaud you but that does not mean you are the standard, you are just the desirable.


      2. Jason-RT

        Okay, I understand what you’re saying. But I do not agree with that. I guess we have to agree to disagree here otherwise we’re just going to go back and forth with different judgements for the other to see from one’s view. Thanks for the comments again


  4. Understand546

    “From my opinion, women want the wasteman, drug dealer, the bad boy or the guy with ‘status’ and then come with ‘Men are trash’. ” Facts bro

    “Why’d you friend zone a dude and then start dating a guy that’s an asshole and try and change him to act like the dude you friend zoned? Is it me or is that stupid as hell? ” Facts

    This is how I feel, if a girl is into a drug dealer, the bad boy, men with status , then I have no problem it’s her choice. But what I don’t understand, is when women try to front and say they wanna go good man but ignore them and go after the bad boy. Another thing is why do women feel the need to say “Men are trash” on twitter. If one man did you wrong, keep that shit to yourself. Some of these women do anything for attention.
    So just saying if women like bad boys then just admit that. Stop frontin actin like you not into those type guys when you really are. (BTW not placing all women in this category)

    Good post very well writen

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