Yin and Yang

Hello, hello, hello!

1st thing first.

How are you letting a fool become President?

My site cannot support hate! Most people I know are diverse and come from different backgrounds. So no matter what your political views are, I respect it even if I do not agree with it. Those who do support that guy but are not racist, sexist, or homophobic now is the time to prove it. Show me how you’re better than what the media has portrayed by your actions. However, I don’t get into politics too much, so let’s trump on with the blog! …… Bad joke? okay


Let’s talk about relationships!

Most of the time when people hear a couple being together for a long period of time. Their reaction is usually something like “aww, that’s so beautiful” My reaction is something like; “I’m sure they’ve been through a lot together, just to stay together”, without even asking.

I believe many of us are stuck believing in these pictures and perfect fairy tales but life isn’t a movie. So I guess, it all depends on how you look at it. Because, if you have, you’d appreciate the time, the patience, the dedication it took to create a beautiful piece of art from something most of us just call broken. We are the generation that’s quick to quit. I guess we can’t deal with pain like they use to. We have a week ass generation. Always searching perfection when it comes to relationships, there’s no such thing IMO. We as people really need to look at things differently. We’ve been brainwashed by social media and by what a relationship should be like. I wish I was born 40 years ago tbh!


Times have changed, of course, but I now live in a time where people claim communication matters. But would rather text than talk! I live in a time, where people live in this world of social networking. Where women prefer the attention of 1000 thirsty men over the affection of 1 loyal man. I live in a time, where everyone wants something real but prefers the fake world over the real world.


Bar the last paragraph (I don’t agree with that) tell ’em!

I see so many people writing goals under other people’s relationship posts/pictures but you never really know what goes on behind the scenes. What I am trying to say is not everything is what it seems to be on the internet. Stop posting goals and value yourself and find someone to respect you. I’ve had my experiences with ‘women’ (well a couple in particular), who don’t even know the worth of a man! It taught me to value myself and start looking deeper into what I really need in a woman and not what I think I want. The simple things are what matters. Not money, fame, and cars, etc! Chess has similar qualities to a relationship. The Queen is the strongest piece on the board. But you cannot win without the King.


Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have. Relationships aren’t easy. You’re going to have your ups and downs. The latter is what makes the partnerships stronger. Instead, most will probably go looking elsewhere or worst cheat to find something that their partner may lack. We crave attention, more than affection. These are my thoughts, pains, and struggles with the 2016/7 person!



The man/woman, God has in store for you is just for you. You won’t have to beg for his or her attention. You won’t have to steal him from another man or woman. You won’t have to sleep with them to keep him. You won’t have to lie to him or her about your circumstances, all you need to do is be you and wait.


You, stupid guys, moan how you can’t find a decent woman and it’s not the fact that you’re blinded. Trust me, I know there are some horrible women out there. But you see a woman with no ass so you don’t speak to her. You see a girl with a small chest so you don’t speak to her. By doing that you might be missing out on an amazing woman but instead them hoes that stick their asses out and have their boobs out catch your attention because she claims she’s a ‘freak’, you’re onto her straight away. Yeah, I may see a big booty on-road and probably think “Rah”,


Some women want a loving relationship, some women just want financial help. Cuff wisely! But don’t be bullshitting how they’re not any decent women around.

Fellas, did you know we have the ability to help a woman bring out the best in her? You should be able to see something within her that she can’t even see in herself? And you don’t choose to be with her based on her potential. You choose to be with her because you are 100% sure you have the tools to encourage her, inspire, motivate and strengthen her with your vision, patience, and focused desire to demand you do your job to bring the best in her. You must be the one who believes in her more than anyone has in this entire world and you must tell her it’s a damn shame nobody else took the time to show her what was already in her all this time. Yes, you have to be that invested otherwise let that woman be single and get out her way!

The most expensive thing in the world is trust. It can take years to earn and just a matter of seconds to lose. People need to understand not everyone is replaceable. Doing a good person wrong will eventually catch up with you.

I really hope these ‘women’ were joking with these tweets.

But I can say a lot of women in this generation aren’t worth marrying because they have no morals, guidance, or self-respect. The problem is girls want the fairy tale ending but are at the circus with the clowns. Start thinking on an elevated level. I’m starting to feel bad for men cause they don’t have much to choose from. The guys nowadays have to choose from women who are these dumb celebrity wannabes, Love & Hip Hop wannabes. Trash out-number the classy women nowadays. But that’s what makes the classy one standout. It’s such a rare beauty to see, in these times. Don’t mind them, just be you. Stay humble, motivated, and focused. For even the stars envy the moon.


The right attention from the wrong individual during a lonely time can fool you into thinking they might be the one. Stop holding on to people who don’t give a damn about you, it’s okay to be alone. Rejection isn’t that deep really, I keep it moving now as life goes on but some people do crazy things, don’t force it. Some people aren’t loyal to you, they’re loyal to their NEED of you, once that needs change, so does their loyalty. Whoever wants to be with you will stop playing games and do anything they can be with you. So don’t trip over people who sleep on you.

A woman told me & I quote

“You’re attractive, calm and keep it real, I mean I just don’t get it, why’d anyone do you dirty?”

I mean, I was flattered but why do people say this? lol. Are you showing interest? Not for you eh? Why not? Do I not have the attributes you’re looking for? So what’s the problem?


Even the most unexpected people in your life can show the true colours that you never thought they could possibly possess. Including yourself. It really is soul-destroying when you’re always the one putting in more effort, loving more, investing more, and caring more. Questioning if you’re not good enough. It’s awful.

Don’t give up on love. Some of us have been in a relationship where we gave our 100% love, faithfulness, loyalty, and still, wasn’t enough for the other person to be satisfied. Perhaps the biggest downfall of giving your heart to someone for the first time is being taken for granted by someone who doesn’t value your vulnerability. Dry your eyes and hold your head up. You aren’t finished! Don’t let this experience change you, DO NOT become the same person who hurt you! There is somebody, somewhere out there yearning for ‘real’ unconditional love just like you! You are worth every bit of love and loyalty you were willing to invest in your ex. But be valued by someone equally, it’s worth the wait. Stay well and get better! It’s the best way to not look back!


Loving somebody does not mean allowing them to walk all over you and it doesn’t mean allowing anyone to treat you less than what you deserve. We’re all human after all and we sometimes have moments where we will treat people less than we should but ultimately it’s our job as an individual to remind ourselves of our worth and know when to say “Nope, you cannot treat me this way” The ones that are meant to stay will recognize your worth and will meet you there. But it’s up to you and establishes your boundaries.

When a man tells you that you’re complicated, take it as a compliment. Because anything that isn’t complicated means that it’s easy and that ain’t you! We need to take the time to learn ourselves better before jumping into a relationship/marriage based solely on feelings/love It’s much deeper than that! Never give up on love and the desire to be loved. Nevertheless, too many women demand to be married and act like that’s the ultimate goal. There’s nothing wrong with being single, or being in a relationship. Being single isn’t forever but don’t be bitter about it either. Take that time to find yourself and that peace in your life we all seek. And if you’re in a relationship, ask yourself the only question that truly matters. “Are you happy?”


When a man truly recognizes your value, he will want to take you completely off the market. He won’t find a diamond and then risk leaving it open for another man to take. I find it weird how guys can commit to one football team for years through thick and thin but can’t commit to one woman? You can’t have the best of both worlds. If you can’t be loyal, then be single. If you can’t be single, then be loyal. If you’re single, focus on being a better you instead of looking for someone better than your ex, a better you will attract a better next.

You can’t create the person you want him or her to be. If by this point they aren’t what you expected them to be, then they never will. Change is a choice, not an obligation. Every man or woman must learn by his and her own life experiences. If you’re forcing the issue of love then it does not love. It’s the illusion of it. So take a step back, breathe in, and wake up. Because it’s our job to complete somebody, not change them.

“I’m not looking for something specific, just give me something authentic”

I find it funny how most women only speak of independence when they’re without a man and bitter. Self-sufficient women are single and in relationships. – Rare Thoughts

My only relationship goal is to be with someone who motivates me to become a better person and show me the potential I don’t see in myself! Give me a decent, down to earth woman who gets her own cheque, over a “supposedly beautiful” woman with nothing to offer but looks, looking to be sponsored for the rest of her life, that shit is played out. Meek Mill, Jay-Z, and Swiss Beats have the right idea. Man, I’d be happy with a woman who won’t give out her number to random dudes at Westfield. I don’t need a woman to support me financially and don’t care what the fuck a woman earns, knowing she’s got herself is enough. Don’t you find it strange how the couples/families with the least amount of money seem to have the most love in them? I don’t expect anything really from a woman. I’m self-reliant and self-dependable. I pay my own, clean my own, wash my own, have my own, make my own. That’s my way of making sure that you don’t ever confuse the meaning of wanting you over actually needing you. Because I want to prove to you that if I’m with you, it’s because I truly love you, not because I need you.

It’s hard to seduce a woman with wealth anyway when she can do that for herself, meaning a man is forced to bring other qualities to the table, qualities you women may actually want but let me sip this tea!


Cuffing season is upon us. If anyone is secretly in love with me. Speak up. lol

Where’s my Mrs. Darkside Don?

If I haven’t found her already 👀

If you haven’t;




Thanks for reading!



  1. Alice Dike

    As a newly married woman I thoroughly enjoyed reading this (& my husband very much enjoyed & could relate to several topics covered also). I read to support a great blogger & friend but in fact I took away plenty!! It just gets better and better. Loved this one Jason…Well Done 👌


  2. Andre kazadi

    Hey Jason..
    You’ll probably recognise who I am. Married with 2 kids for 6years but this sum up a lot that happened in my life and gave me a lot answer. If you ever need lifes experiences for your future blog. Holla
    Keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dominique

    As a woman who has been single for a very long time and who has been through the waves of being single similarly to the different stages of bereavement, this was a good post.

    I am comfortable being single, I didn’t let my ex tarnish how I feel about future relationships, I very much still believe in love, I am definitely trusting in God’s timing. Being single for a long time has allowed me to be comfortable in myself after losing a lot of self confidence. Now I am ready for my king for us to grow together.


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