Turning negatives into positives

Hello, everyone or should I say

to my London peeps.

So… it’s goodbye to the UK!



My 20 something years of life spent here has been a blessing. I received some great news which I did not expect to happen so soon but I’ve been really looking into this for the past few months. Because of that, I will be relocating to DUBAI!!!!! to start a brand new career.

I know! I know! Had to keep everything in-house

It’s the reason, I’ve been a bit quiet on here! But I’m so excited! ~Woohoo! I will be departing next week to start the year fresh! I’d message everyone individually but I imagine it’d be easier to post here. I promise I will never forget anyone or the awesome memories we created. I’m going to miss you all so much especially my friends, workmates and of course the fam!

I know your face is like this now lol

Enough of the ‘bad news’ for some, let’s get into the blog! I know, I know, it’s been a while since my last one (which I received some great feedback, so thank you!) But I’ve been doing a lot of behind scenes stuff that will come to light in 2017, watch this space! So I had to step away from the norm and pursue my purpose. Didn’t expect to do another blog this year but I’ve been getting pressure to drop at least one before the year is out so here it is!

End of year eh?


2016 has been my favourite year on a personal level tbh. I’ve learned so much about myself and how others have responded to my beliefs and opinions. I can’t imagine where I’d be mentally and spiritually if I didn’t start this website.

Man like Dean

Self-discovery is a messy road. But I wouldn’t be me, that same me you read about. If I had chosen a more predictable or safe path to overcome my problems, I don’t think I’ll be as good.

Let’s look back to what I said in an Instagram post at the back-end of 2015.


“A tough year with plenty of changes in my life but I still stand here, strong, tall, and happy. Thanks for the great support system I have! I wish everyone a happy new year and looking forward to seeing what 2016 has for me. I am soooo looking forward to it. Big tings ah gwarn!”

When I said the above, mentally I wasn’t right still. I was kinda you know, wishful thinking that the year would be better than 2015 as it was just awful! It was a year for me where it was filled with moments of heartaches, failing, and tears.

Similar to this

But I had to look myself in the mirror and constantly tell myself;

Fix up!

Every moment, I opened my eyes from a night of sleep was a reset. I had to abandon my old self and become something new. Some will miss my ‘old self’ but like a raging storm destroying buildings what used to stand, it also makes way for a brand new structure. One that’s stronger and more masterfully prepared to serve. I was expecting big things from myself but I didn’t expect to do half of what I have done this year. If you told me, I’d have a website that people actually enjoyed reading, photoshoots, a video/advert plus some other personal glory, I’d have given you this look.


So I can leave 2016, proud of what I have achieved, the success I have, and hoping to do things 10 times bigger next year!


With the weeks leading up to this blog and looked back at 2016, I had to pause and appreciate where I have come from. People will assume I’ve always looked this way and loved myself (you haven’t read my blogs have you lol) but not knowing that every step I had taken was intentional. You’re probably thinking, here he goes, “I am going to do x, y, and z for 2017” I have never done that, I just have life goals. When I see people talking about what they have planned and usually respond like;

Start now! Don’t wait for a new year!

It’s interesting how when things are going bad or we are in need of something we cry and ask God to help. So I challenged myself this year to be grateful for a normal day where nothing particularly huge or eventful happened. So I was blessed for the quiet moments when going for a walk around my area, listening to the wind blow through the trees, and watching the sunset was an intention and delightful as ever.

But I don’t care! lol, My area is amazing for long walks! Don’t @ me!

Every wall I broke through that was in my mind, was a battle I had a victory over. I don’t need anyone to tell myself to “don’t forget who you are” like it’s just that easy to become something better. Change is easy to see but hard to understand until you’ve won some of your own battles – then you can relate it in one way or another.


Your passion is found in that truth and I set the truth free through my site. My ability to interpret that passion for people was birthed from my struggle and victories! Every failure was, in fact, a marker leading towards the big picture. I’m not saying it feels good all the time, but your REAL story holds the power you need to move forward. There’s HOPE in your struggle-the the hope of a brighter more passionate future. Why? Because you wouldn’t be able to get where you’re going without the necessary lessons that taught through your true story. Especially that messy one that has blemishes your scars and roadblocks.


This year, I surrounded myself with positive people who are going to push me towards greatness. Be kind but don’t let anybody take advantage of you. Trust but always keep your guard up like Mayweather.


Guilt is an MF! That’s why it’s important to keep it real. Just because you cannot undo what has already been done doesn’t mean that you cannot right, your wrongs. Be content but always look to keep upgrading your lifestyle. Let go of everything you didn’t do right, the negative thing people have said, and focus on all you are becoming. I don’t appreciate negative vibes around me anymore, move along. But don’t ever forget who was there for you when no one else was.

For some strange reason, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my relationship status’ recently, because of certain things I’ve put on my website and on my Snapchat lol. My social media will have you so confused. You might think I’m single, taken, in love, cold-hearted, a saint, and a freak. So don’t lurk because you’ll never figure me out.


Thanks to everyone that has been supporting me and my journey, to know that my website has put smiles on faces and knowledge in brains (I hope). Of course, I’ve pissed certain people off with some blogs, meh. However, people telling me my blogs have helped them in their life or a bad situation, little things like that mean more to me than money or fame. I do this for the people who believe and truly support me! #blessed. Thank you for passing on my site to help others and understanding what I am actually doing here! I don’t need to say any names, you know who you are! It’s so humbling and I appreciate every single person wearing my limited edition wristbands!

Thanks, everyone!
I will forever laugh at the bottom pic LOL.


2017, is all about collabs! If you want to work, holla me

Big up those who won’t share, though, I see you,

Am I? 😦

I believe I am;

but with some real knowledge

I know some won’t support you when you are on the fringes of something special or building, getting lost in it, and working on your dream. But will have the audacity to come out of the woods, when your life is taking shape. I learned if people aren’t prepared to acknowledge you publicly, you probably shouldn’t invest too much into your relationship privately. Look around you, appreciate what you have now, it won’t be the same this time next year! I have become/I am becoming everything I fought to be. I wasn’t born to impress the world. I was born to be impressed by the world I was born in. So I will keep improving, nurturing, and growing, engaging in myself and in my work. Pave the way, set a path for others and I quote, “great minds, discuss ideas, average ideas discuss events, small minds discuss people”

The more you promote being yourself, the more enjoyable experiences you’ll have with people giving you their true self.


This year I have seen the light with a lot of people and grateful they have come forward and that’s because I have turned my negatives into positives and they can relate!

I know everyone will have some goals for the new year but always remember this; Never

  1. Beg for anyone to stay in your life.
  2. Beg for anyone’s attention
  3. Beg for anyone to talk to you!

Take a chance and choose the road less travelled this time. You don’t know what it will hold! So personally, I am looking forward to 2017 like;


I do a thing called “What I want”. I don’t do this to please others but I am happy those are able to relate and appreciate what I am doing. I do this for myself because only I know my limits and there ain’t no f*ing limits! Now, it’s crucial that you get this. It’s the magic weapon so many of us are out here chasing the dream. This year, I cared less about what everyone else thought. I lived tip-toeing around people’s opinions and even their best intentions at times and it came with a tonne of stress, anxiousness, missed opportunities, and obviously, lessons learned. You can’t live your life trying to please all these people outside of you.

Back to the start of my blog; I promise to stay in touch, especially because it was not real and this to see how many people read my stuff until the end !!!!!!!! If only you did that with my more controversial blogs, eh?




Read my shhh thoroughly dammit!!!

I hope you all enjoy this festive season with your family and loved ones but never forget one important thing …


Next blog early January!

Stay tuned!

A happy new year and God bless!





  1. Alize

    I read this all the way through. If I feel I don’t have time to read, I don’t start coz it’s not about missing out on Darkside dons journeys!! I thoroughly enjoyed the read and commend JRT for aiding the lives of all readers. There’s no way you can’t take something positive out of his blogs. Happy New Year to you and looking forward to your positives this year! Stay blessed

    Liked by 1 person

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