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I wanted to drop this 2 weeks ago but after hitting you all with two blogs in 3 days, I thought I’d hold out while a few people catch up.

The last couple of weeks has been very eventful. I decided to take some proper time off work (10 days) which somehow was the same time as the Track and Field side of the Olympics.

It wasn’t planned lol

The T&F did start on my actual birthday so it was only right I was about to watch it ! 4 years ago, I did make it a plan to actually go Brazil but for whatever reason it didn’t materialize. Hold tight Paul for sticking to his word and making the trip! #jealous

So I left my workmates on Tuesday 9th August like;

See you man’s in 2 weeks!
O yeah, this guy got announced aswell.

Pogba transfer finally got released later that night!

For the first day, I just chilled, I did f all. Thursday, I took a quick trip to Birmingham for a meeting. Most will know I just love the vibe up there. People are so friendly but I did get clocked like a wasteman snapping away as I dropped my ‘Who I am’ blog. lol. Big up Claire, Amy, and Robert for inviting down to B-ham, I am so happy you saw something in me and appreciate the support but the opportunity wasn’t for me just yet! Plus I am a big believer that not every opportunity is a good one and I wouldn’t be too committed if I took it on board! Hopefully, we’ll cross paths again in the near future!

Friday 12th August, the


was born and I thought I’d spend the evening with some of my closest peeps and those who have been mad supportive of me in the past year or so. But first I needed to get a shape up as I was looking a little rough. So took a trip to Peckham to get a trim. Unbelievably, 10 men were in front of me.

Was my face

Luckily, as the Olympics had just started, I took my seat and waited for my turn. 3 hours later, I got seen. I couldn’t believe it, for a simple shape-up you know! KMT!


Anyway, spirits were high as throughout that whole period I was getting messages from a lot of people wishing me a ‘Happy Birthday’. Finally home and got ready for the evening. I arrived at the restaurant (which was way off ends), with most already seated and waiting for me to arrive. I walked in like;

(Told you, I’d use this Anna lol)

I can’t lie, I felt like a celebrity walking in and my people clapped me in and the whole restaurant stopped for a split second as I walked towards the table.

The night was awesome, all my real peeps in one place and really did feel the love that day. So thanks to everyone who arrived and made the night so special. I didn’t really get to take pics of the night but the memories will be not forgotten. Thanks to Adwoa, Alex, Anna G, Anna S, Anya, Bianca, Cyle, David, Dean, Doyin, Emily, Harriet, Heather, JG, Rose, Sam, Shola, Syllestina and Symone! Love you all, for taking the time out of your busy schedules to spend the night with me!

My cake was too sick!

Thank you to everyone who actually messaged, rang, and snapped me to wish me a happy birthday!

What I forgot to mention to most was that I was taking a trip to Germany to watch some football on Sunday. So took a flight with Qas to watch the 2 biggest teams play in the German Super Cup.

80k fans!

The atmosphere was amazing. It’s a shame I didn’t get to see Dortmund score a goal and hear the fans in full capacity but definitely an experience I’d never forget. Once Bayern took complete control of the game and crowd wasn’t in full force.

Club shop

What I did find on the trip was the number of football pitches. Now you can see why the Germans are so good at football. Everywhere you turned there was one.

While in Germany, the Olympics had the most memorable night of the games. Luckily they had it on TV in our hotel room as I was a bit scared that I’d miss it all. Bolt running in the 100m final and WVN doing absolute dirt in the 400m final by breaking the WR. He’ll be the next big thing in the sport without a doubt.

I also had my first and 2nd ‘dabs’ out there.

The drink
And did this stupid thing for the 1st time. lol

The games weren’t ‘London 2012’ but I still enjoyed it and staying up until 4am every night was worth it! I can admit, I am not a fan of many other sports that were in the Olympics but

Maybe I should have taken a look at the volleyballers.

Here are my favourite pics of Rio 2016;

But why is his face like that lol
The King
Gotta love big thighs
Very creative

Wasn’t a ‘BAD’ week but it was; (Birmingham) Birthday, Athletics and a Dortmund week = BAD!

Get it!

It was one of my favourite weeks of the year thus far by a mile! Thanks again to everyone who was involved but for now


Thanks for reading as always!

Carnival Advert!

Next blog. Time to change up the blogging game once again!

Just wait for it. Coming soon!



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