What the hell?


The blog I’ve been waiting so long to drop is finally here!

Who’s ready for another religion post?!? Because I know I am.

This is for the rational thinkers only!!!!

Since my last post, I had lots and lots of feedback from people. Mostly positive but of course some negatives.

“Your religion post could really influence others and you have to be careful what you write?”

I didn’t want to be rude at the time but that is what religion does. But yet, I am the bad guy! Lol

Big up Harriet, our conversation we had after the original post blew my mind, as you broke down the blog to a tee and only person to do that!


As I said last time, this is MY VIEWS! If you don’t believe in it, cool! But don’t come to me without reading the whole thing, because what I did find last time was people were picking and choosing certain things when I explained the point in the blog! I made sure of that before releasing that to the public domain! I know your feelings were hurt because you might have heard something that goes against what you believe in.

My first religion blog was deep

Grab some popcorn, please
Let’s get real dark up in here!

People are afraid of a lot of things in this world. Fear is what controls people. Christians are afraid of Satan and this so place called Hell. This blog is about who Satan really is and why you shouldn’t be afraid!


Quick question for someone to answer for me? How enjoyable would salvation be for the saved, if they were forced to watch their loved ones – screaming in pain and agony for the rest of the time? Do you not see the absurdity?  Yet millions come to this conclusion when they accept the beliefs surrounding the popular concept of hell.

If you do your research then you know Satan comes from Saturn. Before the Bible existed there was Greek mythology which proves there’s was no Satan or Jesus Christ and you are being deceived by a Greek and Roman Creation.

Why do we look forward to the weekend (when we are weakened)?

Why does the word Saturday mean “Saturn’s Day”?

Why is there so much Saturn symbolism in religion and in the corporate world?

Why do we exchange rings when we marry?

Saturn is named after the Roman God – Saturnus. It’s not a coincidence that Saturn is called, “The Lord of the Rings”. If Lord = God, then is it possible that during a wedding ceremony, we are giving our energy to Saturn through the exchange of rings? Is it a coincidence that most people get married on a Saturday (Saturn’s Day)? It’s also more costly to marry on Saturday, so we also give away the energy of money to the Saturn cult.


In Greek mythology, KRONOS (Cronus) was the King of the Titanes and the God of time. He was the leader and the youngest of the first generation of Titans and he ruled during the mythological Golden Age. That was until he was dethroned by his own son Zeus and imprisoned in Tartarus.

If you haven’t realized it or not, time controls our life. We do everything on a time scale. We need it to do anything in life, wake up, go to work, watch a certain show (which is programming you at a certain time), birthdays, right up until we die. etc.

60 seconds in a minute.

60 minutes in an hour.

24 hours a day.

= 6 6 6

Evil is within man, we’re all capable of evil. The evil is within us. We’re made up of 666! 6 Protons, 6 Electrons, and 6 Neutrons. This is the Carbon-based system of man/beast.

As Father Time, Saturn keeps us locked into linear, sequential time. It seems we never have enough time to get everything done but this is only a myth in the physical existence because as divine souls, our lives are eternal.

So where does Satan fit in?

Above was just the trailer, my G

Satan is actually just the evil that is representative of man. 666 ( a number originated from the concept of time) is the number of MAN and these men worship the planet Saturn. If you’re into the Illuminati, (I am not) then you know that the ‘goat’ is always associated with Satan. Kanye West and Beyoncé have both been seen wearing this sign. But you Christians will bang out their tunes and want to know everything about them. However, really they’re just representing the Capricorn. (Yes, I know that’s not their birth star sign)


Saturn used to be seen as the sun. It is used to be really close to our solar system, so close that you could see it from Earth. People back in the day used to worship it. They were called ‘EL’ If you worshipped EL, you were an ‘Elder’ who were then Elected to become an Elites, then you Elevated to a higher post. Similar to people in Christianity trying to become a Pastor, etc.

When you look at certain logos from companies you can see the picture of Saturn.

Sega Saturn

Just a few loads more

Want more? Okay

‘How art thou has fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!’ Isaiah 14:12

They were talking about Saturn which fell from the sky as a son which is similar to how Satan became a fallen angel.

God, all-powerful all-knowing, should’ve known that Satan was going to fall right? If not, why not? He created him like He did for us and knows our next move? So why couldn’t He see something so obvious like a fallen angel that is going to be responsible for all this evil in the world? This guy tempted Jesus, tricked Adam and Eve and got away with all of that! Satan is an important part of the Christian religion. Without him, God becomes responsible for all the trouble in the world. Crazy thought process but it’s true. I know exactly your response, so I’ll say it now;

“That’s not true. God is in control of everything and He isn’t a man to think like one”

Isaiah 45:7 “I form the light and create darkness I make peace and create darkness: I make peace and evil: I the Lord do all these things”

Except for the stuff Satan is in control of, right?



Take it away Pogba

The idea of an ever-burning hell has frightened millions, even me when I was younger. I remember once reading the Bible to show to God, that I was this good pickney. I also wanted to make sure I was good for Mum as I didn’t want to be sent to this so-called bad place. I was taught that human beings are born with immortal souls. The common belief is that, upon death, the souls of sinners go to hell forever, since they’re immortal. Would the loving God of the Bible design an everlasting torture chamber? If so, He’d have to witness – for the rest of eternity – the suffering of those that He had condemned to such as “hell.”

Can you imagine, God putting you in the same place after you die as child molesters, rapists, murderers, and cheaters? He will have some explaining to do on my judgment day, that’s all I am saying on the matter.


It’s getting too heated (no pun). But I am ready to go again so 3, 2, 1 …….

Perhaps the most familiar and often-quoted verse in the Bible is understood by almost no one,

John 3:16 states, “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

Millions quote this verse while ignoring an essential phrase within it. Re-read it. If Hell is a place of eternal torture, then the people suffering this torment must also have eternal life. But the verse says “should NOT perish”. How does the word perish relate to popular teaching about hell?

I’ll wait

Why did God inspire John to use the word perish if this is not what He meant? This is why I say people lose common sense when they talk about the Bible.

Ecclesiastes 3:11

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet[a] no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.


God didn’t even make the man yet? So who was alive then to encounter this moment?


No man was supposed to know these things. Yes, the Bible is meant to be the inspired word of God but it just doesn’t make any sense. People need to stop thinking stuff is past their knowledge. There is a lot of sense in the Bible but there is also a lot of nonsense. All so-called holy books are positive and negative. We’re the ones with the power of choice, God cannot tell us what to choose that would negate our freedom of choice. God never created us as idiots. We have our own mind to think for ourselves we are not sheep who need a shepherd. No one was born with a book but we were with a mind, the truth is within us not in holy books or the concept of religion.

I am also against repenting;

Dictionary definition

‘a prefix, occurring originally in loanwords from Latin, used with the meaning “again” or “again and again” to indicate repetition’

So you (re)pent, to just do it again?

Fuck out here with that bullshit. Do you think God will allow you to sin, sin, and sin some more and then forgive you because you realize you fucked up multiple times, get baptized and become born again? Religion just allows you to have no accountability for your actions.

I was in Sweden in June, (which relatively secular and has a high population of atheists) and they’re very generous to the poor. They take off their people and give them an opportunity. This Scandinavian country doesn’t have a religious impact on their society and it’s a worrying fact that the most religious countries are the poorest with the highest death rates.

David Banner words.

“The devil doesn’t exist! That was made for control!!!!! To keep you away from God is fear and doubt. If God is infinite, regardless of what religion you believe in or not. If you were at the top, would you create anything to rival you? It makes no sense. The same people who slaved and lied to you, why would they give you the key to ‘Heaven’ they didn’t want you on earth? All people in religion want to do is talk hope. F your hope. I don’t want it”


People need to realize there’s no Satan, the devil, or Lucifer, who is responsible for all the problems in this world. You’re responsible for your problems because of something you did or did not do. Don’t blame it on anyone. Man is the problem and will always be. People always blaming the devil for everything bad in life. You wanted to do that beloved.

Am I right?

Believe in a fictional place that no-one has ever gone to, come back and tell me it’s there? Heaven and Hell, in my opinion, is a state of mind. You feel good when you have a positive mind, which I believe is Heaven! It’s a mindset. Be a good person, give not to receive and you’ll be alright as God IMO will see that. You can tell when you’re not doing the right thing because you can feel it. That bad energy you feel when you know for a fact you fucked up. That’s why we get depressed, the reason why we get angry. When you feel peace, that is God. He is limitless. People try to break God up from evil and good, which is why I don’t believe in Heaven, Hell, or the concept of the devil. It’s as fake as Katie Price’s chest!


Don’t label me like anything, I am not associated with a particular religion,  I am not a Christian, I am NOT an atheist which doesn’t make me Satanist. All I know is God and that is all I believe in. That’s the thing that makes sense to me and that really is enough for me.


When you ask Christians about their beliefs, they’re programmed to make certain assumptions;

  1. You haven’t read the Bible.
  2. You read the Bible but you didn’t understand it because their Pastor wasn’t there to explain it.
  3. You hate God and know nothing about Christianity

They must use these assumptions as a form of bullshit armor to protect them from your ideas.

Brother Polight with another deep comment.

 If I am expressing all the attributes of God, how can He create a divide a Hell or Heaven system for me ……. After a while, I realized what the Bible represents is something that caters to everybody’s emotions………. Anyone can read this book and find their personal message which makes them argue with me, and I argue with them. But I do believe this causes more problems than unity”

If you got 20 mins spare listen to the whole thing.

I don’t want my views to be forced on anyone. I just want people to be intelligent enough to demand facts and evidence before they buy into a religion. As I feel it’s the most perverted system ever shone on man. It’s quite alright to reject bullshit and call it out as bullshit. Even if that bullshit is important to people. Even if that bullshit is religion. An intelligent person doesn’t need the promise of heaven to see the merit of good deeds. I try to do good in the world not out of fear of hell but because it feels better not to be an asshole. The universe will eventually, somehow even out, and sometimes that’s a scary thought, which is why I just do good for people.


Before you speak to me about your religion, first show me how you treat other people; before you tell me how much you love your God. Show me how much you love all His children; before you preach to me of your passion for your faith, teach me about it through your compassion for your neighbours. In the end, I am not interested in what you have to tell or sell, show how you choose to live and give.

Now you have to admit that above makes a lot of sense than the things you probably have been taught in your holy place but I know you probably won’t because society has been brainwashed generations by religion and it’s hard to leave something that has been a focus of your life for years. It took me a while!


Don’t get me wrong, I know some amazing people who are religious and/or spiritual and I love them to bits. However, I have a problem with religion that says “We have all the answers” because there are no such things as answers, as it’s just faith. Faith means to remain illogical and unreasonable aka the “evidence of things heard but not seen”, which means to believe stories and rumors. Many go to religion after failing everything else because believing in fairytales is easier than being confronted with reality. Notice how most religious folks don’t like to be questioned. They don’t want you thinking because the truth will set you free and I haven’t felt freer. Society especially my fellow brothers and sisters need to wake up immediately.


Long post but thank you for reading and hopefully you’ve got some real knowledge. God bless those whatever you believe in! This is just an awareness of MY thinking! Don’t take my words as the Bible! (pun intended).

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‘Being on a spiritual path does not prevent you from facing times of darkness. But it teaches you how to use the darkness as a tool to grow. People often view the path as a search for the light. In truth, spirituality asks us to bring light and darkness together in wholeness. And in fact, this is the only possible solution’

And that’s why I call myself the Darkside Don.



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