A slightly controversial first post but I do strongly believe the world would be a better place without religion. I just feel like it separates everyone and below is why!

Firstly, I just want to say and I mean no harm in my views but they’re my views. Nevertheless, I am more than happy to hear from your experience or what you may say in relation to what you’re about to read. I’ll probably lose a lot of friends because of this but hey, I accept their beliefs, I hope they’ll accept mine.

A little background history of my life.

I was brought up as Roman Catholic, been baptized, did my first Holy Communion, even was an Altar server for a few years but I stopped going to church when I was 13/14 because back then a lot of stuff just didn’t add up. It occurred to me from young, I didn’t want to be at ‘war’ with other religions and I am going to accept people for who they’re and not because of what they believe. I just find it strange that out of hundreds of faiths, the one you were exposed to as a child just happens to be the “one true” religion, what a lucky coincidence!

Fast forward over a decade, 90% of my friends are religious, weird right? Yes, a lot would invite me to their church and I’ve been to a few especially last year. However, I’d treat religion like a football team, if I met someone who’s Muslim, cool. Ars*nal fan, cool. None of it bothered me. If you were a good person with a good heart, who cares who you support/believe in.

I’d say, I still have ‘religious views’ of course, I know what’s right and wrong and I know I am blessed with the experiences that I have occurred in my life and happy with the direction it’s going (to an extent). But we all have our own paths in life and tomorrow isn’t guarantee so I live it and see where it takes me.

I dropped a status on my Facebook a few weeks back. It was along the lines that people in religion should be real about what they’re preaching. There’re no two ways about it. If you want to be a believer then be one. If you’re guy on the roads, be that guy doing a madness on the streets. However, just don’t mix it up. You are who you are.

Let’s look at Christianity for example: (solely because I’ve been more exposed to it)

Have you ever lied to get out of an awkward situation? I once heard of a woman who lied to her husband about how she got pregnant and now there’s an entire religion.

Shade threw, my bad

Let me explain!

I just want to put something out there on where it came from and how / who really started it. The more and more I look at things, I see how religion has destroyed the minds of my fellow brothers and sisters especially.

It’s true

The main reason why I say this is because we have to understand the people who enslaved us were Christians themselves. These people read the Bible and believed in Jesus Christ. (Who’s a fictional character btw. But that’s for another blog post)

We have to take in the account and message of the Bible. It’s about love and it has a set of rules that Christians must follow. Then why were these same people raping, slaving, and hurting our people? How can they do something so horrible and be put under this bracket of ‘Christianity’. Now how can us black people, subscribe to the same religion as these people. It just doesn’t make sense to me. They took us from our home, they stripped us our language and put us in chains and if we didn’t obey these rules, you’d probably be killed. Madness right? Yet they thought it was important to teach us about a man called Jesus Christ. This man who’s all about, love, peace, and mercy.

They taught us from a book which has Ten Commandants and they made sure we couldn’t do to them, what they’re doing to us. Some people will say they misquoted the Bible and used it to enslaved us even further. Okay. Then why was it important for these wicked people to let us know about the Bible then?


So you believe we get our morals from the Bible? Tell me again how forcing a woman to marry her rapist is moral. (Deuteronomy 22:28-29)

Okay, that’s one part of the Bible. Nevertheless, if you believe in the Bible then you should be happy with all it right? It’s the Word of God after all.

So if the Bible says, we as black people are supposed to be slaves then why did our slave masters disobey God to set us free today? When people follow the Bible the way they do, they’re saying, slavery was the right thing to do. How can a slave and master both worship the same God? Then both of them expect their prayers to be answered, by the very same God?

you what
Doesn’t make sense

It takes a lot to sit down and read the Bible completely because it’s a unique book as the stories all over the place. The Bible cannot be read like most books, from page 1 to whatever. I think this is the reason the Bible has so many contradictions. Don’t you find it ironic that we place our hands on a book full of lies and swear, to tell the truth when we’re in court? (Won’t catch me at court ever, but you get my drift)

“You believe in a book that has talking animals, wizards, witches, demons, sticks turning into snakes, food falling from the sky, people walking on water, and all sorts of magical absurd and primitive stories and you say that we’re the ones that need help” Dan Barker

Also, money is said to be the root of all evil then why do they ask for it in the church especially 10% of our wages? To pay for facilities of the Church and make sure Pastors are driving around in expensive cars? Right 😞

C’mon son!

Word to Brother Polight for the below;

“Religion can ONLY deliver speculation. They deliver us heaven, but no-one is coming back from Heaven to prove this. Show me something in return that proves the belief in religion. Why are there so many different religions, why did God do that? I just want someone to show me an absolute. A fact that if I subscribe to their religion, it’s right. Why do most people float between religions because 10 years from now, they’ll clock their religion is faulty and be in another religion. So let’s be real.

You’re all probably in different organizations, the same people talking about God are not organized. How come you’re in different ‘teams’ trying to give me an impression that something good is going on. When if something was that good, you’d all be under the same umbrella. If they were reading from a book other than the Bible, I wouldn’t mind if they were in different organizations but they’re all reading the same book from a man who made the sun, moon, and stars. How can they change my mind that I need to subscribe to their particular religion?

In my honest opinion, if anybody is spiritual, it’s everyone who doesn’t believe in religion. Because the big part of spiritually is common sense and once you lose common sense, you lose a sense of spirituality”

Deep right?

When I have kids (lol), I won’t just teach my children to read, I’ll teach them to always question what they have read. I’ll teach them to question everything and not follow what others do/say and I think a lot of people in religion should do the same. Simply because if you’re unwilling to question your beliefs, then you will never know if you’re following the truth or lies.

Some people fall into religion because they’re at a low point in their life and that is when you’re at the most dangerous because the vulnerable are easier to brainwash. My friends tried this method last year when I was going through some deep shhh.


These are some things I hear from religious people when I question them on their beliefs;

  1. “I am praying for you”
  2.  “You must not have been a true Christian”
  3. “One day you’ll know the truth”
  4. “God still loves you”
  5. “You deny faith because you want to sin”
  6. “You’re just going through a stage”
  7. “You’re being fooled by the devil”
  8. “Only God knows that answer”

What do you believe in Jason? I hear you wonder!

In my research, I’ve done, if you’re a black Christian, you have a real short memory.

I believe in God 100% but I don’t believe in the afterlife, Heaven, Hell, and/or Satan.  All I know is that as an individual, I won’t allow this life – the only thing I know to exist – to be wasted. I am not evil, I am not a sinner, I am not an abomination, I am simply a guy trying to do the least amount of damage and experience the most happiness on this rock until I am recycled back into the universe.

I am more about faith and spirituality. For me, it’s about how I carry myself and the way I treat other people. I just wish the church would stop separating Christians and Non-Christians. Drawing lines between the two is unhelpful and pretty much ridiculous.

There’re people out there who don’t believe in anything and live a good life and are law-abiding citizens, so are they going to hell because they don’t believe in God? That doesn’t make any logical sense. Freedom of religion doesn’t mean punishing those who don’t practice yours! Why did God create free thinking men and women to only then turn around and cast humanity until hell for simply not believing in him?

A good character, kindness, and honesty are all important wherever they’re religious or not and I believe God will judge you on that alone.

The Bible isn’t the word of God.

Religion is a brainwashing program designed to keep you ignorant and it’s there to keep you under control. You’re not learning any knowledge sitting in a holy place whenever your respective Sabbath day is.

God knows what I want in life and I am very grateful for what I have especially when I see so many people around the world suffering, with a lack of food and/or shelter. Yes, I feel blessed but others are not and too many people take that for granted.

In my honest opinion, God doesn’t care about religion or if I am in church on Sunday. He made my good heart and soul and if no one else can see it, then who really cares?


Remember that!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Dotun

    Very DEEP insight, son. I really thank God for the grace of excellence insight that has been revealed to you concerning this religion subject. Keep it up.

    Love what u r doing here.

    Your boy, Dotun from Uni.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. fizzersandfudge

    Definitely some strong points – religion is crazy and I do think sometimes when you’re born into something you just go with it and take it as gospel. I agree though because ive had some bad experiences with people that are really religious. I believe in a higher power 100% but I do think religion has its place in teaching people discipline in their behaviours…
    Great post!
    Made me think x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Marsha

    You have only touched the surface and the reality is that theres history of Christian before slavery……The first Church was the Coptic Church which was in Ethophia….check it out!! He that seeks finds!! Stop looking with your carnal mind and turn to your spirit…Religion is man seeking God and relationship is when man has found God…I personally don’t feel that religion divides people….people use it as a devision to gain a sense belonging and sometimes for destruction…when this happens God is not involve because mans wicked will has taken over

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jason-RT

      Yes, Christianity was practiced in Africa prior to the slave trade but never took a dominant role in religious beliefs. The practice of seperating slave newborns from their parents was about indoctrination and the fact new slave arrivals could not be broken.

      Many (black) people cannot accept our introduction to Christianity as it was just about making our ancestors docile and obedient. Christanity have done more harm to our brothers and sisters than anything else, hence my blog. I can’t take in other religions as it’s not 27 years of my upbringing. Religion imo has mind controlled the people and won’t listen to things that speak against their religion.

      Your belief is one thing, and are welcome to embrace it since it is your right, but facts on the other hand are. Some are woefully ignorant and refuse to accept this. Instead we embrace a delusional narrative. Albeit, we have made our Christianity our own and inserted culture but it was, I believe forced upon us. And it’s sad that we pick and choose how we take in the Bible.

      What do you mean by carnal mind? Baffled by the comment. As I believe I had a very open-mind in my research.Plus we’ll never know what God wants or not want so your last comment is far fetched.


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