Does my blackness scare you? Does it offend you? Is it because I am black? Those are some of the questions that ponder my brain as I am having a conversation with people who continue to look at me weirdly because of my race.


Yes, I am a British born Caribbean. I’m proud and not ashamed to say it! However, in 2018, I still have to think about where I can travel or go to England just because of my skin colour! Is that fair? When people continue to bring that to light it makes me wonder are they insecure about their own identity? Some people would say that I should be used to it because I’ve experienced it my whole life.

Hell no!

This is something that I will never get “used” to nor is that something that I will continue to let slide and laugh it off. I don’t think it’s funny when someone makes a rude and offensive comment aimed at my race. It’s wrong, so why would I let it keep happening. I can’t seem to shake it off nor ignore it. I even get this at work a lot, people don’t expect to see a Black man as a manager in a white cooperate area.




If you’ve followed me on my journey, via my site, you’d have noticed that I have always taken the negative and turned it into a positive situation. Not because it was the only thing to do but because I had no other choice on the matter.

Just because I am pro-black doesn’t make me ‘anti-white’, I just want an equal playing field for us all and if that involves lifting up my fellow black people then yeah, I am all for it!


“I am not prejudiced. I have Black friends” – This doesn’t change the fact, racism is still alive and kicking,

is their response.

Racial ignorance is something that I don’t stand for or find amusing. There are tons of things that I can ramble on about relating my race and how so many things have oppressed us, Black people. I choose not to entertain ignorant people with a long list of things that we have overcome. Instead, I can only let you know that your comments can be hurtful but hope it still instilled in me.

I don’t want to talk too much about racism because you get to a point where you think you to yourself? I’m just going sit here and sip my Supermalt but explaining racial injustice to 50 people who don’t get it, is long! I don’t have time for it!


The hope that you will choose to educate yourself on the cultures that make up the world. My hope that you will find security and confidence within yourself to not “put down” someone who doesn’t share your same identity. My hope for all Black people does not think that no race is superior over another. My hope that one day we all can have a conversation without belittling someone, that we can stop killing each other and try to have more love and respect for each other because we are all in the same boat. Killing each other over postcodes and areas we live in (that we don’t even own) is a madness.


Black people need to remember no matter where you come from, if we aren’t together in this, we can’t put all these issues to rest and do not compare, for everyone has struggled to come through. The only kind we belong to is mankind. So for your own sake, do not let your personal issues divide us. There is power in unity, that no one can defeat. Please, everyone, wake up already!


This blog isn’t trying to place injustices above others, the whole thing has the potential to become an issue itself.  But for me it’s important we voice our rights. It’s centuries too late, thousands of murders and cases of ill and mistreatment. Nevertheless, we’ve done so well, getting to the positions we have in society through sport, music, and other platforms and changing the face of Britain and the world.

As Issa Rae said

If I scroll through my timeline right now, I always see at least a handful of posts reminding me that I am valuable, powerful, and should be surrounding myself with folks like me. I love it, the more positivity the better. Unfortunately, this does tend to make us feel a false sense of accomplishment or importance without our necessary contributions and actual application. Have you considered that the very reason you may NOT be already standing in circles with influential, like-minded black folks is that you have yet to embrace those very characteristics for yourself? Creating avenues of your life where folks come in (with the correct like-minded energy) and leave (with the negative hurtful lack of support and uplifting energy)?

What I mean is, what if they aren’t the issue?

They aren’t dragging you down or causing you to stumble. They aren’t waiting for you to fail or make you live in your fear. You have a lot to address in your own life and the things you think on that are literally manifesting in your life are so powerful that when you finally do shift your focus you will see the changes dramatically all around you.


Look at you, with your Black skin, full of potential, no one has the exactly the mix of wonder YOU were made of. There’s no competition, no comparison. It’s got nothing to do with your gene pool and everything to do with your HEART.  You got the heart and you’ve got a job to do. What’s that job? To find your way through these days and nights with a conscious strategy to be who you are and help sprinkle that specific mix of wonder all over the roads you walk on!


Some people wait a lifetime to finally live as if their days are numbered and some people never get the chance. But you are still here! Don’t waste today or tomorrow, live for something! The wealthiest location on earth is the graveyard before we all get there, let’s make history and let’s make it as BLACK as possible!

Next blog 30th October!

If you like poems, my friend, Bianca will help you with that. Check out her site Click here




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