Solo trip to Sweden/Denmark

If you follow me on social media, you’d have known about my unannounced trip to Sweden and Denmark recently.

If you know me, you’d know this is what I do. Random trips and not tell anyone.

However, I haven’t done a solo abroad trip in about 18 months (When I did Germany/Malta/Austria) Well to be honest with you, this wasn’t actually ‘planned’ until about a month ago.

I somehow managed to secure some UEFA Europa League tickets! I apply for them every damn year. So when I got the email that I won some, I had no option but to quickly secure some flights. I had already booked a hotel room! Thanks to who allow you to book and cancel rooms for free!


Luckily the team for me, (somehow) managed to get to the final and was playing Ajax. When we made the final, I was gassed but I didn’t know how to tell anyone because I knew certain people would be VEXED! So I kept quiet.

So the day before, a couple of guys asked me where I was going to be watching the final. I was in a mad predicament.

  1. Lie and hold the punches to my head if I make plans to go to the pub and not show up?

2. Ignore the text and get punches to my head when I get back to London.

So the only option was to come clean;


So I caught my flight to Stockholm from Gatwick at 13.10 hours. I had my Man Utd top on and so many other Utd fans were on my flight. The way we just looked at each other as we knew if were the lucky few to go abroad and see our team in the major cup final.


I was sitting next to a couple of Man Utd fans on my flight and they spoke about going to the fan zone but after recent events of large crowds and Stockholm under attack recently, it wasn’t my portion. So, I made a plan to get to my hotel room first before heading to the game to make sure everything was good there and drop my bag.

So the plan was from the airport, get the Express train to the centre of Stockholm and then get a cab to the hotel room. 45 mins journey (MAX) and then chill, eat and head to the game as it was 20mins away on a tram! Simple!


I get to the Stockholm Central no problem and find a taxi driver who couldn’t speak English, that’s fine. Expected. Showed him my hotel name, he said 400 SEK = £30 and we headed out. It’s around 5 pm now, so obviously it’s rush hour and pure traffic was about. I am getting made frustrated as I hate waiting for stuff for no reason! Plus I am seeing my meter moving and at a rapid pace! So I communicate with him, “Why it’s going up so fast when we’re not even moving?” I am sure I paid for the distance and not your time? Are you an escort fam?


Get to the hotel and he says, “600 SEK” = £50


Didn’t you say another figure at the start of the journey! The scene was very similar to the Crazy Titch clip when he’s arguing with a cab driver about a fare.


So I gave him 400 SEK and got out of the cab like


But the man followed me to my hotel and got the receptionist to translate for us. I still wasn’t giving up. Cabman kept calling me ‘ the English guy’, we all know what he really wanted to say


But then something told me, to just pay as you’re not in London and you’re not here for trouble but to enjoy the game! My pride was hurt but handed over the money after a standoff for about 20 mins.


After this drama, I headed out to the stadium and managed to meet fellow Utd fans in the lobby and we went together.

This one guy spoke about getting to Stockholm from Manchester. Train to London. Flight to Munich + a flight to Gothenburg and a 3-hour train journey to Stockholm!


That’s dedication and he only got tickets 5 days before the game!!!!! He must spend stupid £ to get there but much respect to him!

My seats were amazing
Repping with the new away kit!

A decent game to watch, I was so anxious to head into the game. But we actually played a good game to secure the win and Champions League football for next season.

Someone had jokes outside the stadium lol

What I didn’t mention to anyone was that I actually booked to go Copenhagen the following day! Just so I can do some sight-seeing (if you know what I mean)


I didn’t snap or post anything on what I did in Denmark because I really wanted to wait until I dropped this post and it was time for me to just focus on myself. So here are some of the best pics I took while there but I do have to spend more than a night there, as it’s a beautiful (expensive) country. But you can tell with the way of living out there is so much greater than London.

Thanks for reading!

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