Why do people get offended, so easily?

2019 and we live in a weak generation, where you can’t say nothing without someone taking it completely wrong and making it something different to what it may have been! It’s ridiculous!

If you follow me on social media (especially IG, @_jasonrt), I do talk about women a lot. I got called the ‘Trigger Don’ the other day, which I did find funny.


But as a man, I find it hard to understand how women decide, think, and justify things while in their feelings/emotions. Nevertheless, this blog is about people in general.

So why do so many people take offense by every little thing these days? Why are people offended so often? To be honest and in my humble opinion, being easily offended is a possible sign of insecurity and potential mental illness. Things offend us all and that’s normal, however, I am not talking about that. I am talking about the people always are actively searching for things in everything we do or say. I even saw on Sunday 23rd June, how the Cameroon women’s team (a manager is a man) falsely accusing the officials of ‘racism’ when they got decisions correct during the World Cup game against England. They really couldn’t control their emotions.

So how can we tell who is rightfully offended and who’s just blowing things way out of proportion?


We all complain about something and if you don’t you have really got it going on. Maybe it’s something that happened on their job or with a family member, previous relationships, loads of factors. It’s healthy to vent occasionally but it becomes a problem when this takes up a big part of someone’s day. When there is more bad than good in someone’s life, it’s time to take a good look in the mirror. I know I had to do that (if you’ve followed my journey through my site)

If you can’t take someone triggering something, you need to seek help. Not everyone will tip-toe certain topics, it’s healthy to talk about things that need addressing, that’s exactly what I do with my IG and especially my blog.


The problem with that is this is real life. You can’t blame your problems on everyone else.  They believe their lives would be so much better if other people didn’t bring up certain conversations. Are you okay? It’s mad! There are too many different types of people in the world to expect people to change for you and no one can make anyone feel like anything. It’s our choice of how we react to something someone says or does. Take responsibility for your own feelings, you will be much happier.

I wonder if insecurity is the root of being too easily offended. These people didn’t receive the love they needed and they have never felt safe. This makes them feel the need for having “safe spaces”. Instead of finding their self-worth from within. A person that is secure and comfortable in their own skin can easily brush off things that may offend them and be able to easily forget about it.


Don’t get it twisted, I get offended sometimes. But unless it’s major I usually ignore it and when I say major I mean like trying to infringe upon my rights. Not something like having to use the perfect little word for everything. It’s so annoying when people twist your words to make it offend them. If everyone fits one of these people’s preferences, they’d still be miserable. There is a bigger issue going on deep down.

1) They will ignore you no matter how many facts you throw at them.

2) There is no reasoning with them.

3)  Their beliefs are definite truths to them and everything else is wrong.


A maturely developed person knows that they are not always right. You should always listen to others viewpoints even when you think you are right, you might be wrong.

Maybe you ‘re only half right and so are they. It is going to happen. We can never learn if we don’t humble ourselves and think outside of our boxes.


There have always been overly sensitive people in the world but I do truly believe it’s even worse in 2019. It’s ridiculous, the difference it’s now okay to display it openly. It doesn’t help that now it’s become a political issue.

We shouldn’t have to walk around scared that we are going to offend people by sounding homophobic, racist, or sexist when we clearly are not. People scared to stand up against it is why it has gone so far. Instead of apologizing for nothing, we need to hold our ground. That’s my mindset and always has been.

Now if you were being offensive, yes it’s fitting to apologize. But if someone blew what you said out of proportion just smile, refuse to apologize, (even reply “lol”) and keep it moving on with your life.



Finding things offensive is subjective while the painful truth is objective. Everyone’s beliefs differ based on past experiences, but the truth never changes. How can we really prove something is offensive? A certain word may trigger one person, but not another. Who gets to decide? Taking away one person’s right to say what they believe will only take away your right as well. I obviously don’t agree with everything, everyone does.

Nevertheless, I do believe in freedom of speech. We all have the right to express ourselves. You then need to reevaluate your life if that offends you.


How is being proud of your heritage a bad thing? That I only fuck with women on a romantic level? (No pun) I highlight things that need addressing, if you can’t respond to what I am saying but ONLY get upset, I don’t have time for you, seriously.

You can either be a miserable person that lives in a constant state of anger and anxiety or you can just calm down, respond to what I am saying, or just live your life. It’s your choice, no one else’s.


It’s all to do with political correctness. It’s perfectly acceptable to point out similarly but not differences which are, in my opinion, the worst thing about our society. It’s becoming more prominent nowadays because the education system is overrun with left-wing opinions and counter-arguments aren’t tolerated anymore.

I think it depends on “where” or “how” someone is being easily offended.


If we’re speaking of online, I believe it’s because a lot of things people used to find offensive used to be ‘hidden’ from the views of others. People stayed in their own social circles with their own variety of prejudices. Now that more people can see how other people behave and say, they are speaking out against things when before, they could just pretend they didn’t exist.

Also, I can be offended at a text or DM if someone uses a ‘harsher’ word than is necessary. For example, if someone says, “You obviously ….” I ‘hear’ a confrontation — which can be from not being able to hear the intonation of someone’s voice, so it ‘sounds’ mean to me.


Overall, when people get offended, some scenarios come to mind:

  1. They misinterpreted what your point being was. Or got stuck on words that you quote from another person but they think it is your point of view etc. So this all comes down to poor communication.
  2. They use it as a means to control you and your behaviour. Sometimes it is a good call, and they point it out that this is the wrong time and place to use language like that or talk about that specific object.
  3. Sometimes you make another call on this and do not agree it is a bad time and place for that language/topic. This is when you clash.
  4. Maybe you had no clue that you just insulted someone, but you should know that you did. Rule of thumb is, don’t use words/expressions that you’re not entirely certain are not derogatory.

There are so many topics I want to talk about but was worried about how certain people will perceive them, 27th June 2019, I actually do not care. I WILL talk about them, let’s have a mature conversation, dammit. It may be dark but blud, things need to be brought into the light. At the end of the day, relax, people think differently to you, grow some balls, enjoy your life and

Control your emotions bruv
Until next time!

D-D-D-D-D Darkside Don



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  1. Alize DK

    Another savage bombshell! I great read – I definately agree. Lets hope 2020 will be better.
    I was only triggered by one post but I’ll keep it moving because I’m happy and have inner peace! Thanks for another great read – DSD you ROCK 💎


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