Lady of the night

You’ll need to have an open mind reading this blog! I don’t see many agreeing with me but have a read and let me know what you think.

So last week, I was in a shopping mall (Won’t bait out what one, snitches get stitches lol) but I saw this ‘beautiful’ woman in a blue dress (No Donae’o song)

Figure was bam

The face was nice and her chest was flirting with the outside world.

If you know what I mean

Nevertheless, the thing that got me was that she was with this old guy. You hear about these women who roll with these rich folks all the time. However, I’ve never actually seen it in the flesh. They looked weird together but she had a bunch of high value brands so obviously, they had been ‘shopping’. Didn’t think too much of it. However, an hour later, I see this same woman but this time alone.

Was this my chance to talk to her …?

She sat down on a bench for about 5 mins on her phone (looking at my snaps I hope) lol. Then she gets up rapidly and heads towards another guy, shakes his hand and they both scatter off somewhere.

Initial thoughts were;

Literally, 30 mins later, this 2nd guy walks by on his own.

I looked at him like;

Then she walks by 2 mins later and I don’t see her again. She obviously has an apartment closeby where she goes and does her service (s).


At the time I was actually disgusted. However, looking at it. Is it really that deep?

Yes, we can look at things at first instance and think why would she do that though, that’s dirty. Some women do the same thing but for free every weekend *coughs* and then go home to their boyfriends/husbands/family like nothing happened. At least this woman knows her worth and getting good money out of it.

People in relationships!?! How many people has your partner really slept with? They may have told you a number but it’s really the truth! You’ll never know. It’s easy to look down at a woman who knows her worth and get paid for allowing men to do what they want with her. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT agreeing to what escorts do, it’s VERY dangerous but the oldest profession in the world. These women are possibly entering homes/hotels/etc. by themselves to get a few hundred pounds. However, they may earn in a day what certain people make in a month. It’s that real.

Don’t judge me but I had to do some research for this blog about certain things regarding escorts like terms and what things really go down. High-level escorts in London can get like a grand an hour.

Mad ting

Easy money really just for spending a bit of time with someone. The average is about £150. Small change to a certain man in the corporate world (who seem to be the ones who are happy to book escorts)

“You’re paying for them to leave” is a comment I came across on a forum from a guy who uses them on a regular basis.

Another said, “If you have 200-350 bucks to blow, then I don’t see why not. You’ll spend that much money getting laid and trolling for p*ssy in a month or two anyway”

2 very interesting comments and ones can I weirdly understand.

I am guessing it’s down to the individual on how you want to look at things. However, in my honest opinion, it’s not as bad as it looks. If you break it down completely in comparison to what you see on a Friday/Saturday night, it’s pretty much the same thing.

I’ve come across a well-known escort though work but she’s a really nice woman. Really down to earth and unless you know what she does, you wouldn’t think she’s an escort despite the loud look she has. She mentioned she has 2 properties, one in London the other in Essex so obviously has made some stupid money over the years. But I won’t judge her, she’s doing/done her thing and will continue to talk to her, if and when we see each other again.

Jason, would you ever pay? I can hear your minds wondering.

Look at chew



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