How to Cope with Social Distancing (GUEST POST)

When a person undergoes the necessity of social distancing, many fears, problems, and depressed mood are afloat. Some ways of letting a person not to feel lonely and accept all challenges.

Millions of people worldwide face the problem of how to stay alone for a long time and battle with depression. The pandemic reveals such an irony: when a person requires support from friends and relatives the most, he or she has to stay alone. What an injustice! Nevertheless, there are some ways to remove the feeling of loneliness, for example, dating sites are among the key solutions.

The New Face of Online Dating

Relationships are something a person draws inspiration from; therefore, quarantine may be regarded as a huge problem from the viewpoint of impossibility to date with someone. Do you feel lonely without a sweetheart? Contemporary websites and applications are about to solve such a problem entirely.


Find a reliable platform and communicate with exciting people globally. There are specific features like video calls or virtual gifts to imagine you are on a real date. What’s even more fascinating is that online dating services are suitable for all people, no matter how shy or picky you are. The audience of dating services is counted in millions of users.

Some people are interested in how not to feel lonely after a breakup. When a breakup takes place before or during the quarantine, support is something you require foremost. Online dating platforms welcome people, having various goals. For instance, some websites specialize in casual hookups. Enjoy the communication, and don’t think too much.

New Friends from all over the World

What does our average day consist of? Morning rituals, working duties, a few words with colleagues, household requirements, and so on. Such a routine brings us no enjoyment, but changes are always correlated with stress. Making new friends is a perfect way not to feel lonely during the quarantine. Online dating services are suitable, as well.

Many platforms offer ‘friendship’ among the goals a person registers for. What about making new friends all over the world? Communicate with different people, learn more about new cultures, broaden your mind. Dating services help to make friends no matter what your age is.

Don’t mix relationships and friendship. Those notions supplement each other but are not interchangeable. Can you feel lonely in a relationship? Such a question sounds strange. In fact, people need their personal space, and some interests are not mutual. That’s obvious. Friends are our links with the outer worlds, and we feel lonely without any.

Define the Role of Social Media

A person of today cannot imagine life without social media accounts. Some people prefer just one service, while others get accounts everywhere. Quarantine is the perfect time to understand whether social media are genuinely important for us, and how much time we should devote to those accounts.

Can people feel lonely without social media? Perhaps, they can, but do accounts provide a person with the feeling of inner satisfaction? Live calls and real meetings are undoubtedly much better, but psychological researches give startling statistics. Social media helps us to feel a part of the huge community.

For instance, positive emotions are shared instantly. A positive, motivating post spreads within the network in seconds. Negative sides take place, as well. The psychologists accentuate that most users judge how trustworthy and interesting other members are based on their photos. Social media are an integral part of our lives, helping us not to feel lonely during COVID, but don’t forget about the golden middle.

Develop Your Skills

Quarantine opens new ways for us, including unlimited abilities to develop our skills. Let’s understand what makes you feel lonely? Aside from communication, many people are eager to develop constantly. Numerous webinars and online courses fulfill such an aspiration.


Online education gains more popularity step-by-step. People from different age ranges are welcome to participate in online courses. Furthermore, some courses are available for free. Make your lifetime dreams come true. Have you ever thought about learning the melodic French language? Perhaps, you envision how masterful you are in playing guitar? Furthermore, online courses unite people in small communities, offering them to discuss some issues, share their opinions, etc. We may feel lonely, understanding our stagnation, while skills development solves the problem effectively

Webinars and online courses may both develop your professional skills and correspond to hobbies and interests. Meanwhile, plan your schedule correctly. Don’t try to learn everything within several months.

Enter the World of Reading

A hobby is a fascinating idea to fight against depression that is so widespread when people are forced to undergo social distancing. How not to feel lonely when you are all alone? Enter the magnificent world of books!


The up-to-date world is full of innovations and progress, but books are still useful and exciting, helping a person of any age not to feel lonely. Just imagine you, opening the first page of a new book. Meet new characters who are playing the roles of your virtual friends. Discover a new world, imaging yourself walking along with mysterious places or ancient cities. Such a hobby brings you relaxation and makes you forget about everything else.

When you are not keen on reading, there are alternatives: audiobooks or cinematographic masterpieces that are worth watching. Made-up reality gives an answer on how not to feel lonely when single.

Which Ways are the Best for not to Feel Lonely?

The social distancing challenges most people, making them face their fears. How to cope with quarantine and get support, avoiding feeling lonely? Every person needs to find a personal answer. That is possible to unite all tips to make your schedule fully-loaded. Those tips are somehow linked. For instance, read an exciting book and discuss it with your special someone via a dating platform. Move always forward, and that is the best solution for conquering everything! Do any other tips exist to help a person not to feel lonely during the social distancing?

Thanks to Stefanie for writing this post!

Author’s bio: 

Stefanie Simyone is a freelancer and mother of two kids.  Cooking and travel are her passions for all times. She had experienced a toxic relationship from ex-husband and had figured out a way to put that behind herself and her children. In free time  Stefanie helps other people to recognize themself and shares how to build healthy relationships.

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